Interview with Mathias, a new recruit at Apave. How Mathias was able to progress from integration to internal training.

Top News01/31/2022
After having already integrated more than 1,400 new talents in 2021, Apave, a leading group in prevention, risk management and professional training, is continuing its development and has announced the objective of recruiting 1,500 new employees in France and abroad in 2022, including 900 permanent contracts.
With a wide range of profiles and equally wide range of jobs, read the interview with Mathias, an electrical technician, who tells you about his career at Apave.

From work experience

to permanent contract

From the work-study programme, where the course is empowering and includes real field assignments, to the hiring process, everything proceeds naturally. Following a work-study programme, when the profile and skills developed are validated, the job is quickly filled. Job advertisements are posted directly to the IUTs or other schools whose students' profiles match the needs. The work-study students benefit from the same training courses as the permanent employees and the increase in skills is effective.

Responsibilities from the moment

you join the company 

Apave employee, electrical technician who testifies
Apave employee, electrical technician who testifies
The tasks of an electrical technician are rich and varied. Among the Apave Group's clients, some assignments may involve checking nuclear submarines, a whole fleet of TGVs or the electrical installations of the Eiffel Tower. Throughout France, thanks to its network of 130 agencies, Apave ensures the safety of all types of electrical installations. Our new recruits will be required to take responsibility for large and highly sensitive equipment. Involvement means responsibility! 

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