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Successfully complete the energy transition by ensuring the highest degree of safety for your teams and your customers


The main human activity responsible for climate change is combustion, in particular fossil fuels: oil, coal and gas. CO2 alone accounts for three-quarters of these emissions compared with a quarter for other GHGs (Ministry of Ecological Transition, France. 2021 edition). These global emissions increased by more than 65% between 1990 and 2018, with significant differences between countries.

Whether you are involved in traditional energy sources, conventional installations (incineration plants, industrial or urban heating plants), in the field of new renewable energies (hydrogen, wind, photovoltaic, oil & gas), hydraulic energy, bio-energies (biogas, biomass) or nuclear energy, Apave and its experts can help you in the transition to control your risks on a daily basis.

Your challenges related

to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The daily safety of your employees and particularly co-activity
  • Security of your sites and facilities
  • Training and qualification of your teams in new practices/techniques in a changing regulatory framework

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Regulatory issues, particularly on your preliminary feasibility studies (ICPE – Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment, etc.)
  • Safe energy production for your production facilities, your employees and local residents 
  • Transporting and storing energy under the safest possible conditions
  • Performance of production facilities and tools
  • Managing risks associated with new equipment/technologies 
  • Compliance with regulations (ATEX, etc.)
  • Safety of your sites against specific risks (fire, explosion, criminal damage)


Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Controlling the environmental impact of your activities
  • Improving your energy efficiency
  • Your successful transition to low-carbon energy

Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Your Industry 4.0 transformation, safely
  • Managing your cybersecurity risks and your actions to safeguard your data

By controlling all these risks, businesses in the energy sector will be able to develop new, more environmentally-friendly and more decarbonised production and consumption systems worldwide, to contribute to tomorrow's world.


The complete Apave offer
to meet your challenges

Apave has developed specific expertise to support your renewable energy projects, from the preliminary project phase to the operational phase.

Our local and international locations allow us to support ambitious projects and safeguard your facilities.

Apave supports building more sustainable progress to preserve the life of people and ecosystems by making firm commitments on its own CO2 emissions. And we take action alongside our customers, over the long-term, so that today's risk management protects the environmental, societal and economic resources of the future.

Cutting-edge expertise

dedicated to the energy sector

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Independent third party body working for an even safer industry. Apave experts advise you and provide bespoke solutions appropriate to your specific challenges. A recognised risk management player for over 150 years. A recognised risk management player for over 150 years, Apave supports its customers in a common approach geared towards progress for a safer and more sustainable world.


The skills of our field teams. Knowledge of technical and environmental regulations. Drawing on our experience, we work on a daily basis on developments related to the operation of your activities, so that you can maintain the highest safety level for your facilities and organisations.


Provide a response targeting industrial efficiency and process digitisation. For each of your projects, a local multidisciplinary team is made available to give thorough consideration to all the impacts related to risk management. Our satisfaction is in bringing you a high level of technical know-how by guaranteeing the best project management while considering the background, your objectives and all your constraints.

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