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Health & Social care

Respond to a growing demand for care, and integrate major technological and scientific developments while ensuring the highest level of safety for caregivers and patients


Due to the very nature of its activities, the health sector is subject to strict constraints in terms of risk prevention and control. This sector includes major technological innovations for both patients and carers. With significant disparities, the medico-social system is based on routine policy steering and balancing of financial allocations. From early childhood to vulnerable and elderly people, risk prevention is quite literally at the heart of this ecosystem.
Apave and its experts can help you control your risks on a daily basis.

Your challenges related

to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The health and safety of your employees and the public by complying with the regulatory standards for public buildings (ERP) and specific risks (radiology equipment, musculo-skeletal problems, psychosocial risks, welfare)
  • Leverage your in-house resources using distance learning courses on risk management
  • The safety of patients and care teams

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Real-time compliance of installations (electrical installations, lifts, fire safety, medical imaging)
  • The sustainability of hospital buildings and care facilities
  • Compliance with current regulatory standards (ICPE, etc.)

Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Developing strctures' energy efficiency
  • Waste traceability

Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Optimising your cybersecurity to preserve the integrity of patient data


Controlling all these risks will enable you to confidently ensure the continuity of a high quality service based on patient care and to consider the use of social and technical innovations.


The Apave global offer

to meets your challenges

Diagramme présentant les métiers Apave en EN
Diagramme présentant les métiers Apave en EN

Trusted third-party partners, Apave experts partner with healthcare players to help them safely tackle the new challenges they face:

  • Support during the design of construction or rehabilitation projects, including during decontamination phases (asbestos, lead)
  • Control of indoor air quality and ventilation
  • Decontamination of surfaces, prevention of legionellosis
  • Checking of equipment/infrastructures and buildings to ensure the highest level of safety and durability 
  • Digitisation of your equipment's safety management (external companies, lifting of reservations, work permits) to improve maintenance performance

Did you know?

More than 60 regional hospital groups in France have placed their trust in Apave.

You are the general manager of a health facility (hospitals, clinics) or a director of property assets

A hospital
A hospital

Apave is your partner for the preventive and curative maintenance of your buildings and construction projects, and for the regular inspection of your equipment. 
Our teams work together to provide you with a single contact person, a wide range of solutions for the compliance and performance of your buildings, equipment and infrastructures in strict compliance with regulations and your specifications.

Apave trains your employees in the prevention of radiation risks and has formed a partnership with Esprimed to respond in a unified manner to all radiation protection issues (training your technical teams to manage their safety more effectively).
We support you in drawing up your Establishment Security Plan and securing your establishment against malicious acts or the risk of attack.

You are
the director of a social health-care institution

A stethoscope
A stethoscope

Apave supports you in the daily management of your buildings, during renovation or construction projects. With its local network, Apave is the ideal point of contact for setting up an efficient approach with you for the safety of people (residents, the public and employees) so that you can devote yourself to your profession: taking care of your patients. We carry out regulatory checks on your facilities and are able to respond to all your challenges relating to risk prevention and control.

We support you in drawing up the Establishment and Social and Medico-Social Services Safety Sheet (ESSMS).

We can also assist you in obtaining the HS2 label that promotes caring for the elderly.

You are

a private healthcare professional

Three carers (two women and one man) in white coats talking in front of a computer screen
Three carers (two women and one man) in white coats talking in front of a computer screen
You work in a private practice, alone or with others. Apave ensures that your equipment complies with the regulatory framework. Apave can also train your employees in preventing radiation risks as part of its partnership with Esprimed.

Apave supports you internationally

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A comprehensive offer

for each customer, we set up a project manager and a multidisciplinary team to take into account all the aspects of your activity as well as all the impacts related to risk management, working closely with you in an efficient and pragmatic way.

Taking into account your local specificities 

thanks to our local network of 170 international locations.

Shared values

In a common approach geared towards progress, for a safer and more sustainable world. It is in our DNA to provide a high level of technicality while guaranteeing the best project management given your particular context, your objectives and your operational constraints, while integrating local regulatory requirements.

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