Digital accessibility

Apave is committed to digital accessibility in order to make its website accessible to all people with disabilities. As a socially responsible company that cares about the well-being of its customers and employees, we strive to correct inaccessible pages and improve the navigation of its pages.

Perceiving, Understanding, Navigating, Interacting and Contributing are objectives on which Apave implements means on a daily basis to achieve not just compliance, but accessibility.

Average accessibility rate and

accessibility rating

According to the French standard (RGAA 4.1, Law n° 2005-102 - Art. 47, French text adapted from the European law resulting from the WCAG 2.1), in order to fulfil the legal obligation, we must indicate the average rate of accessibility and engage in a genuine process of continuous improvement of digital accessibility.


Following the audit report of 04/11/2021, the site has :

  • An average accessibility rate of 45%

This score is obtained by averaging the compliance rate of each page in the sample


  • A compliance rate of 29% for the criteria

This score is obtained by checking the applicable criteria which have no non-conformity on all the pages in the audited sample. It is sufficient for the criterion to be non-compliant on only one page for it to be counted as non-compliant.


  • It is marked "Not accessible".



The audit was carried out in accordance with the international WCAG-EM6 recommendations in 5 steps:

  1. Definition of the scope of the assessment
  2. Exploration of the site to identify the web pages relevant to the context of the audit
  3. Selection of a representative sample of the site's content, functionalities and processes, in conjunction with the client's project manager who validated the sample proposed by Koena
  4. Audit of each page against the 106 criteria of the RGAA 4.1
  5. Writing of the audit report and preparation of the feedback meeting
  6. The audit was carried out for the website. It was carried out by Koena, using web browsers and specialised tools. Rendition tests were also carried out in accordance with the test environment recommended by the RGAA 4.17.


The audit covered a sample of 10 pages for all 106 criteria of the RGAA 4.1.


This sample is based on the recommendations given in the RGAA and aims to audit a selection of pages that are representative of the site from a technical and editorial point of view.

  • Home
  • Search results on the term "group
  • Contact us
  • Legal notice
  • Join us
  • Our locations in India
  • Discover our 5 businesses in pictures
  • News
  • Building, operating and renovating in complete safety

In addition to the structured sample, the RGAA recommends that the sample be completed with pages taken at random and that they represent at least 10% of the structured sample. 1 additional page was therefore selected at random:

  • Industrial goods / Manufacturing


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