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Ensure compliance and make safety a development opportunity


All economic players, whatever their size, must consider risk prevention and control issues, at least, to ensure their regulatory compliance. The global health crisis has reminded us all, individually and collectively, that safety (particularly health) is not an option but must be the focus of all business leaders, including entrepreneurs, tradesmen or freelancers, VSE or SME managers in all business sectors.

The assignments offered by Apave experts locally and internationally aim to provide reliable and rapid responses to your safety and compliance issues, whether they are problems related to your equipment, your facilities or preventing human risks, to protect your teams and your customers. We also work alongside you to incorporate safety from the preliminary phase of your projects (e.g. new equipment, construction of a new building, digitisation integrated into your production chain), providing you clarity, a multi-disciplinary approach when needed and our experts' field experience.

We also facilitate your day-to-day work by integrating digital technology into the services we offer you; Apave has developed operational online services, based on our know-how and our observation of your constraints, to promote the incorporation and management of safety and your compliance.

Apave teams now support more than 100,000 VSE clients, in particular in carrying out checks and developing the documentation required by legislators.

Your challenges related
to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The health and safety of your employees in their workplaces, by complying with the regulatory standards for public buildings (ERP)
  • Training your employees in safety procedures and best practices
  • The highest level of safety to welcome your customers, particularly in light of sanitary risks

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Compliance of your equipment and facilities with current standards
  • 360° approach to risk prevention and control, to lessen your constraints and support you every day
  • Testing and certification of your products and processes


Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Compliance with environmental standards when drawing up your carbon footprint

Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Cybersecurity for online transactions to reassure your customers


+ To find out more, read our guide 'Your regulatory requirements in 2021'.


Controlling all these risks will enable us to support you on a daily basis in your regulatory contractual procedures.


Did you know ?

Apave has been serving the security industry for more than 150 years and can help you with any problem you may have.

The complete Apave offer
to meet your challenges

Apave experts assist you to meet your safety and compliance challenges!

Making your equipment and facilities compliant

Regulatory inspections, in particular:

  • inspection (initial and periodic) of electrical installations,

  • raising any findings, 

  • inspection of fire safety systems (SSI), 

  • inspection of lifting equipment, 

  • inspection of lifts, 

  • lift safety inspection,

  • periodic inspection of pressurised equipment, 

  • inspection of electrical installations using infrared thermography, etc.

Prevention of occupational risks 

  • Support to prepare your comprehensive Risk Assessment Document (DUER)

  • Regulatory intelligence

  • Online services dedicated to reporting risk situations 

  • Regulatory audit 

  • Support for your Industry 4.0 projects (technical, organisational and human approach) 

  • Ergonomics advice to improve working conditions 

  • Advice on quality of life at work

Training your teams in Health and Safety at Work

Apave has developed numerous teaching methods and in particular offers e-learning formats, virtual reality and blended learning to adapt to your limitations and to facilitate learning for your teams 

  • Electrical certification

  • Welding

  • Asbestos

  • CACES [safe operation certificate] for forklift trucks

  • CACES [safe operation certificate] for mobile elevating working platforms

  • Workplace first-aider (SST)



Apave supports you internationally

You are the manager at a camp site, hotel or residential hotel

A tourist residence
A tourist residence

In addition to the regulatory checks and training courses referenced above, Apave offers specific support related to your tourism business:

  • Carrying out inspections, including an inspection visit, with a view to classifying the establishment in one of the 1- to 5-star categories for tourist hotels.
  • Carrying out inpsections, including an inspection visit, with a view to classifying the establishment in one of the 1- to 5-star categories for camping and caravan sites and recreational residential parks or in the 'natural area' category for camp sites.

You are involved in healthcare-related activities

A stethoscope
A stethoscope

In addition to regulatory inspections, Apave offers specific support related to your business activity:

  • Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training.
  • Patient radiation protection training for medical electroradiology, conventional x-ray and scanner operators
  • EQC, external quality control of a scanner
  • EQC, external quality control of an osteodensitometer
  • EQC, external quality control of a conventional x-ray facility
  • EQC, external quality control of a dental x-ray facility
  • Provide radiation protection advice in the veterinary field

You are the manager of a sports association or leisure/sports centre

A man who climbs
A man who climbs

In addition to regulatory checks, Apave offers specific support related to your business activity:

  • inspection of public playgrounds and associated equipment 
  • periodic inspection of water slides
  • non-destructive testing to ensure the reliability of equipment at attractions

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Independent third party body working for an even safer industry
Apave experts advise you and provide bespoke response appropriate to your challenges. Recognised for its knowledge of risk management for over 150 years, Apave supports its customers through a shared progress approach, for a safer and more sustainable world.


The skills of our field teams. Knowledge of technical and environmental regulations
Drawing on our experience, we work on a daily basis on developments related to the operation of your activities, so that you can maintain the highest level of safety for your facilities and organisations.



Provide a response targeting industrial efficiency and process digitisation
For each of your projects, a local multidisciplinary team is made available to give thorough consideration to all the impacts related to risk management. Our satisfaction is in bringing you a high level of technical know-how by guaranteeing the best project management while considering the background, your objectives and all your constraints.

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