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What if you were to get involved in meaningful work, within a company with a strong reputation, recognised for its technical expertise and the attention paid to its employees?

By joining the Apave Group, you will act daily to help our clients prevent and control their human, technical, environmental and digital risks.

By joining Apave, you will contribute to the group's raison d'être: "Acting as a trusted player, for a safer, more sustainable world that promotes shared progress.

Better still: at Apave, your talents and skills are expressed in a strong team, where every day is dedicated to action through increasingly technical and exciting missions.

We look forward to working with you to write the next chapter in our history.

We offer you a warm welcome and a progressive career path so that together we can reveal your potential.

Choose us!

When you join Apave, you become part of more than just a group: you become part of a story where the strength of the group is a reality, where the notion of support is expressed on a daily basis, so that everyone can naturally find their place, whatever their origins and culture. Because at Apave, we consider our differences to be an asset that we use every day to carry out missions of great social utility.
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your fulfilment


Experience an anti-routine everyday

Apave is a wealth of missions waiting for you! Every day, you are thrust into the heart of our customers’ safety issues and act to protect people, property and the environment. Regulatory inspections, compliance audits, leading training courses, technical studies, etc. Your assignments follow on from each another but are never the same. You will discover companies that are varied in both their size and their activities (SMEs, large industrial companies, local authorities, etc.).


Do your job with confidence

At Apave, you work in a real relationship of trust, conducive to your fulfilment. You benefit from autonomy, while relying on your local manager and a network of specialists to answer your technical questions and any issues encountered in the field. In addition, solid and continuous training complements your technical skills, interpersonal skills and spirit of service. Solid support to build your expertise with your customers and succeed in your missions!  

Interview with Alexandra

Technical Construction Control Engineer

With an appetite for biobased materials, which are materials that are partially or totally derived from biomass (wood, hemp, rice husks, straw, flax, etc.), and geobased materials, which are of mineral origin (raw earth or dry stone), for High Environmental Quality sites, Alexandra has been able to develop expertise in this field, thanks to the trust placed in her by her team members, who have given her the sites on which she can flourish. Apave allows her to put her commitments to the benefit of her company in order to encourage the development of her employees.


your integration


Benefit from a complete integration programme

Whether you are a young graduate or are experienced, right from the start at Apave, you follow a personalised programme to integrate our teams in the best conditions. A training course allows you to learn the job and our working methods in order to be quickly operational.


Gradually become autonomous

A tutoring system encourages your autonomy: you accompany your colleagues in their missions and they will pass on their knowledge, know-how and working methods to you. Attentive to what you have to say, your manager will monitor your integration and help you find your bearings.
At each stage of your development, we entrust you with missions which match your professional experience and skills. You gradually acquire responsibility, both in the technical conduct of your missions and in the commercial relationship and managing business cases. And who knows, in a few years’ time, maybe you will become a tutor yourself!

Interview with Gwendal

pressure inspector in Lorient

From the inspection of accumulators to the inspection of 3,000-litre tanks, the pressure technician's job consists of inspecting all pressure equipment subject to regulation. To go down with special equipment in confined spaces, or to carry out work at height, within the framework of equipment inspection, it is necessary to have specialised training. Each newcomer to the branch is assigned a contact person, who takes charge of them, advises them, provides regular updates and proposes appropriate training to improve their skills.


your career


Increase your skills regularly

Your expertise is our greatest asset and the best ambassador for our brand, which is why we train and help you, throughout your career, to broaden your understanding of safety standards and guidelines, and enrich your technical and interpersonal skills. What could be more natural, for the primary private risk management training organisation?


Express your talents and give life to your ambitions

Thanks to the great diversity of our services, you can build a personalised career path. A few possible avenues for promotion at Apave? You can diversify your range of missions, lead and design training courses, become a technical adviser for your customers or your colleagues, manage projects by also managing the commercial and financial aspects, carry out missions abroad, change regions thanks to our 130 sites in France, or take on managerial responsibilities... It is up to you to choose!

Interview with Ambroise

Fire/OSH inspector trainer in Montauban

Tests on fire detection zones, tests on equipment such as fire doors, smoke extraction motors, fire extinguishers, all of which require an expert eye. This expertise is passed on by the trainers. With this in mind, Apave is developing training courses that enable people to improve their skills and become trainers. By becoming an inspector/trainer, you can combine "Know-How" and "Transmission" to your colleagues.


with students

a group of students
a group of students

Apave, close to students

Apave establishes a special relationship with engineering schools, universities and high schools. Our teams regularly go out to meet talented young people. Our ambition? To enable you to discover the wealth and scope of our activities, to pass on our expertise and professional approach to risk management, through courses or seminars; finally, contribute to financing certain training courses via the apprenticeship tax.

High added-value internships or work-study missions

Are you looking for real missions? Every year, Apave receives nearly 200 trainees and apprentices preparing academic qualifications from Bac+2 to Bac+5 level, including in sales and support functions. Supervised by our experienced technicians or engineers, you easily integrate into our teams and actively participate in the performance of our services on our customer sites. An initial experience with high added-value that is the ideal springboard for joining us permanently!

Interview with Mathias

electrical technician in Cherbourg

From the work-study programme, where the course is empowering and includes real field assignments, to the hiring process, everything proceeds naturally. Following a work-study programme, once the profile and skills developed are validated, the job is quickly filled. Our new recruits will be required to take responsibility for large and very sensitive equipment fleets. Involvement means responsibility!

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Joining us means :


Developing your career

We offer a comprehensive training programme throughout your career and opportunities for internal mobility within the Group (France and International).

Having fun at work

The great diversity of our assignments allows you to build a personalised career path, far from routine.

Promoting your professional development

Thanks to our teams who are driven by a spirit of cooperation and solidarity.