Operate safely

Enhance the performance of your equipment/facilities and the safety of your employees

Equipment and facilities have to be constantly upgraded: inspections, monitoring, regulatory inspections, etc. to adapt to current challenges, to increase competitiveness and operational excellence. When upgrading equipment, the golden rule is to maintain or even improve the safety of all workers and users of said equipment.


Furthermore, maintenance operations are traditionally more accident-prone because equipment has not always been designed with these maintenance operations in mind.


This is where Apave experts support you to operate your equipment and facilities safely while taking account of applicable regulations on personal safety, preservation of property, energy efficiency, noise protection and atmospheric pollution. We factor in your constraints and use appropriate methods to limit the impact on your production whenever possible.

Operation / maintenance:
a driver of performance

Beyond the purely technical aspects, maintenance covers all technical, administrative and management activities, during the life cycle of an asset, to maintain it or restore it to the expected operating condition.


Maintenance of equipment and facilities is often perceived as a cost, while it is a source of profit and makes it possible to improve short- and long-term profitability as well as production efficiency.


You are a technical services employer, external contractor or manager

With Apave, choose a partner able to help you overcome all the challenges related to operation and maintenance: compliance, risk management, technical and economic performance.


You want to:

  • Ensure your equipment is compliant and/or in good working order
  • Keep your employees safe at work
  • Safeguard your production and facilities

Did you know ?

There were more than 650,000 workplace accidents in 2018, 50% of which involved manual handling and 28% falling from height or onto the ground. The temporary employment, personal aid and timber industries are particularly affected. In total with occupational illnesses, 63 million days are lost over a year, equivalent to 260,000 full-time jobs.

A unique approach combining
our multidisciplinary expertise

Deux hommes avec des casques et des gilets jaunes

The Apave teams support you in the following 3 areas:

  1. Technical: Technical health, Compliance, Reliability, Availability & Yields, Safety, Maintainability, Technical stocks, Documentation and logging, Equipment instrumentation, Process and utilities.
  2. Human: Assessment of current skills and potential, Management, Culture and conduct, Management and steering, Production maintenance, Training.
  3. Organisational: Maintenance & support processes, Working and management methods, CMMS and digital tools, Resource allocation, Project management, Managing external contractors, Asset management.

Your challenges
related to risk management

  • Make equipment and facilities more reliable, guarantee their compliance
  • Extend service life and optimise total maintenance cost
  • Reduce maintenance accidents
  • Manage maintenance resources and skills
  • Guide and manage external maintenance contractors
  • Efficiently organise and manage maintenance
  • COVID-19 & maintenance: what do you need to know?
  • Diagnose the maintenance function from technical, organisational and human aspectsUsing digital technology in maintenance
  • Using digital technology in maintenance


To do this, Apave services cover safety rules when installing, commissioning or using your equipment.

Apave checks
to control human risks

  • Aeration and sanitisation of workplaces, Indoor air quality control
  • Lifts, goods lifts, escalators, travelator
  • Pressurised equipment: inspection and training
  • Electrical installations
  • Lifting equipment
  • Automatic doors and gates
  • Fire safety systems (SSI)
  • ATEX regulations: flammable fluids, liquids, gases
  • Radiation / Radiation protection

Why choose


Independent third party body working for an even safer industry. Apave experts advise you and provide bespoke responses appropriate to your challenges. A recognised risk management player for over 150 years, Apave supports its customers through a common approach geared towards progress for a safer and more sustainable world.


The skills of our field teams. Knowledge of technical and environmental regulations. Drawing on our experience, we work on a daily basis on developments related to the operation of your activities, so that you can maintain the highest level of safety for your facilities and organisations.


Provide a response targeting industrial efficiency and process digitisation. For each of your projects, a local multidisciplinary team is made available to provide thorough consideration to all the impacts related to risk management. Our satisfaction is in bringing you a high level of technical know-how by guaranteeing the best project management while considering the project's background, your objectives and all your constraints.

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