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Industrial goods & manufacturing

Developing performance and safety in a changing industrial environment


If you use production lines to produce equipment, whatever your size and business sector, you have to adapt continually to the constraints, uncertainties and opportunities leading to changes in your sector while also guaranteeing the safety of people and goods.
Apave and its experts can help you manage your risks on a daily basis or through one-off assignments.

Your challenges related

to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The safety of your employees
  • Loss of technical expertise if you don't recruit the best skills or train your staff

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Reliability of the entire supply chain and your processes
  • Compliance of equipment in your production units
  • Optimised maintenance (organisation, cost, safety)
  • Reduce production lead times and guarantee just-in-time delivery
  • Regulatory compliance with current standards
  • Certification of your management system processes to achieve the best industrial, economic and environmental performance
  • Non-Destructive Testing : 


Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Your successful transition to low-carbon energy
  • Improving your energy efficiency

 Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Cybersecurity, ransomware
  • Risks associated with co-activity of people and robots in the context of Industry 4.0 projects

By controlling all these risks, businesses in the manufactured goods sector will be able to develop new, more environmentally-friendly production and consumption systems worldwide and contribute to tomorrow's world.


Did you know?

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A major challenge of the 21st century, companies are embarking on Industry 4.0 and need to recruit trained operators capable of supervising the smooth running of a production line.

The complete Apave offer

to meet your challenges

diagram representing the trades of Apave
diagram representing the trades of Apave

Apave experts support you in improving the reliability of your production facilities and equipment, secure your sites and incorporate risk management in all your projects.

Apave services: 

To guarantee the reliability and performance of your equipment, facilities and utilities: 

  • inspection and technical support 
  • RAMS performance consulting (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety)
  • maintenance advice


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To guarantee the safety and quality of your products:

  • qualification of products and their conformity assessment before being placed on the market by our subsidiary Sopemea
  • manufacturing monitoring, quality monitoring, supplier evaluation
  • CE marking
  • product certification C by Apave' certification, accreditation


To train your employees and retain your critical expertise:

  • standard and bespoke training courses, digital learning
  • skills management consultancy
  • workplace standards
  • advice on quality of life at work


To keep your staff safe and healthy every day:

  • standard and bespoke training courses
  • Single Document for occupational risk assessments, exposure measurements at workstations, advice related to ergonomics, particularly to the integration of new Industry 4.0 equipment
  • advice on safety culture and conduct
  • monitoring outside contractors
  • digital solutions dedicated to risk prevention: Avert InOne, Informed regulatory watch


To safeguard your sites against specific risks (fire, explosion, criminal damage): 

  • security-crime organisational analysis  
  • fire safety inspection, advice and training
  • monitoring outside contractors
  • prevent technological and accidental risks 


To take environmental issues into account and succed a the low-carbon transition:

  • greenhouse gas reduction and low carbon strategy: why and how should companies act?


Apave supports you internationally

You are a

SME manager

a young woman is smiling while looking at her phone
a young woman is smiling while looking at her phone
  • Steer your strategic projects successfully
  • Increase your teams' commitment and performance
  • Ensure the reliability of your production facilities and processes, improve yields

You are a technical, production, maintenance director or manager

Maintenance manager on a construction site
Maintenance manager on a construction site
  • Ensuring the performance of your new equipment and its maintenance, and securing maintenance operations
  • Ensure RAMS performance
  • Carry out preventive diagnostics on facilities
  • Make your Industry 4.0 project a success

You are an

HSE director or manager

a group of people pasting postits on a board
a group of people pasting postits on a board
  • Manage risks within your company: Single Document, health and safety culture and conduct, digitisation to increase efficiency in managing and guiding your HSE policy (regulatory watch, managing hazardous situation reports)
  • Control the environmental impact of your activities : advice on ICPE [facilities classified for environmental protection] and SEVESO sites, low carbon and greenhouse gas strategy, polluted sites and soils, pollution measurements, technological risk

You are an

HR or training director or manager

Directeur des ressources humaines avec masque en train de travailler
Directeur des ressources humaines avec masque en train de travailler
  • Implement and manage teleworking
  • Take real action to improve quality of life at work, to attract talent and retain employees
  • Prevent psychosocial risks
  • Maintain critical expertise
  • Train staff
Manufacturers or users, secure the production processes for your new equipment in France and abroad
Whether you're a manufacturer or a user of new equipment, it's important for you to control all the phases of your project, to limit delays and extra costs and improve your performance.

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150 years of industry experience and cutting-edge technical expertise make Apave your trusted partner.

a multi-disciplinary approach to boost your performance

We form a team of bespoke specialists to support your projects: technical engineers in all speciality fields, safety experts, ergonomics experts, ecologists, occupational psychologists, etc.

capability to support your transformation projects

Supporting companies in all their transformations since Industry 1.0, Apave is your rightful partner for making the shift to Industry 4.0 successfully,  while considering all its aspects: technical, organisational and human.

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