Maritime Transports

Maritime Transport

Maritime transport accounts for almost 90% of the world's trade in goods. It plays a primary role in globalisation. 
The increase in loading capacity and the development of this mode of transport requires that all the risks associated with the sector be taken into account. 
Ensuring the safety of people and equipment, as well as the compliance with international standards is essential to ensure the loading/unloading, transport of goods and operation of ships.

Apave and its experts can help you to control your risks on a daily basis.

Your risk management


Picto Human riskYour human risk issues

  • Guarantee the safety and health of your employees
  • Delivering the most advanced training to increase your employees' skills in the field of safety at sea and on the quayside


Picto Technical RiskYour challenges in relation to technical risks

  • Guarantee the highest level of safety for the materials and equipment used
  • Improve the life span of your equipment
  • Optimise safety during loading and transport operations


Picto Environmental RiskYour challenges related to environmental risks

  • Developing technical and technological innovations to limit the carbon footprint


Picto Technological RiskYour digital and technological risk issues

  • Facing the risk of cyber-attack (data theft)
  • Smart Data: Integrating artificial intelligence into risk prediction to prevent them


It is by mastering all these risks that the players in the maritime transport sector will be able to develop, on a global scale, new systems that are more respectful and more carbon-free, to contribute to the world of tomorrow.



Did you know ?

It is estimated that around 3 million tonnes of oil are spilled into the oceans every year. However, ships are responsible for "only" 10% of these spills. Source: Agence France Electricité 2020

You are a shipowner

beyond regulatory compliance you wish to

transport charge boat
transport charge boat
  • Guarantee the health and safety of the flying personnel
  • Ensure the training of personnel to control the risks associated with the job
  • Controlling environmental risks
  • Ensure the protection of seafarers, workers and people on board
  • Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of ships to guarantee the integrity of equipment and the safety of people
  • Guarantee the operation of your vessel by anticipating technical stoppages for work

You are a docker

your challenges are

Hamburg port area
Hamburg port area
  • Ensure the loading and unloading of goods while guaranteeing the safety of people and cargo
  • Improve the safety of people and the integrity of your equipment
  • Evaluate the residual life of your equipment and define the appropriate control plans to secure your installations
  • Train your employees to ensure optimal safety and improve performance

Whether on land during the loading or unloading of goods or at sea during their transport, safety is essential to protect human health, the environment and cargo. Apave and its subsidiaries (BVT, Apave Mare, Aquass) can help you manage these risks


Apave assists you in risk management to train and protect the health of your personnel in the maritime transport sector:


  • Ergonomics training (gestures and posture)
  • Controlling your operations related to dangerous goods
  • Security: Identify and prevent the risks of malicious acts
  • Training in fire safety
  • Risk of exposure or chemical products
  • QAI: Ventilation Control
  • Asbestos risk prevention in ships

Apave Mare, a subsidiary of the Apave group, provides training in handling and manoeuvres specific to the nautical sector to ensure a high level of safety when moving ships. Winch operator, anchor handling, displacement.


Aquass, a subsidiary of the Apave group, intervenes at various levels to prevent risks on your installations: NDT, damage and corrosion measurements, fatigue diagnostics, 3D structural modelling and mechanical stress calculations, project management assistance for modification projects, from the definition of needs to commissioning.


Transporting hazardous materials while ensuring the safety of people, vehicles and goods, while preserving the environment, requires knowledge and application of the safety rules inherent to these materials. Our subsidiary BVT offers training courses on the transport of hazardous materials to guide you in controlling these risks. 

Why choose


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a global offer

For each client, we put in place a project manager and a multidisciplinary team to take into account all the facets of your activity as well as all the impacts linked to risk management with proximity, efficiency and pragmatism.
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shared values

In an approach of shared progress, for a safer and more sustainable world. Our DNA is to provide a high level of technical expertise while guaranteeing the best project management taking into account your context, your objectives and your operational constraints while integrating local regulatory requirements.
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Expertise in your business

With our dedicated subsidiaries Aquass, a technical specialist from the port sector, Apave Mare, a specialist in maritime training, and BVT, a specialist in the transport of dangerous goods.

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