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Innovating to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint and adapt to new uses


Driven by a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you have invested heavily in designing safer, less polluting and technologically-enabled vehicles. From the design phase of new models to the production and sales phases, safety and compliance are central concerns for manufacturers and equipment manufacturers alike.
Apave and its experts can help you control your risks on a daily basis.

Your challenges related

to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The health and safety of your employees, particularly on production lines involving human/robot co-activity
  • Certification of management systems

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Material safety, by testing their strength and durability
  • The qualification of your facilities and equipment in compliance with local and international regulatory safety constraints
  • Preventing fire risks related to electrical installations


Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Environmental impact, particularly greenhouse gases
  • The quality, traceability and safety of your products for the consumer

Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Incorporating a predictive model into the maintenance of your equipment
  • Developing new electric mobility systems with digitised processes


Controlling all these risks will enable you to develop new, more virtuous manufacturing processes, manage responsible procurement and guarantee the performance of your facilities.


Did you know?

In Europe, car manufacturers will have to pay a fine if their vehicle fleet exceeds a certain CO2 emission threshold. This is a strong incentive to produce small vehicles or electric vehicles.

The complete Apave offer
to meet your challenges

Diagramme présentant les métiers Apave en EN
Diagramme présentant les métiers Apave en EN

Trusted third-party partners, the Apave experts partner with players in the automotive industry to help them safely meet the new challenges they are faced with.

  • We contribute to your technological innovation projects by providing consulting support associated with tests (skills development and safety) and measurements
  • We secure your hydrogen projects
  • We secure your projects related to electric mobility
  • We partner with you in your day-to-day operations to prevent risks to your customers and employees (risk avoidance, QHSE management)
  • We contribute to ensuring the compliance of your facilities and equipment (regulatory checks, non-destructive tests, management of your maintenance operations)
  • We support you in certifying your activities: environmental management, safety, product certification, skills certification
  • We test your equipment within our network of test centres


Apave supports you internationally

You are an Industrial Director/Manager, Operations Director/Manager or Technical Manager

A man in a yellow waistcoat
A man in a yellow waistcoat

Apave is your partner for ensuring the safety of your industrial projects and your daily operations, in particular for:

  • regulatory checks on your facilities

  • non-destructive tests to make your equipment more reliable 

  • structure monitoring  

  • digital management of your maintenance performance 

  • technical support for your hydrogen/electric mobility projects

  • health and safety training for your teams

  • certification of products

  • materials testing and measurement

  • compliance and performance of your buildings and infrastructures

  • qualification of your equipment (car doors, VOC measurements, etc.) by our subsidiary Sopemea

Our teams implement a cross-functional approach, linked to Apave's five business lines, when it is useful to you, while giving you the benefit of a single contact person. 


Our subsidiary Sopemea qualifies on-board equipment and systems by carrying out qualification and compliance tests in accordance with the specifications of automotive contractors:

  • On-board measurements on vehicles and customised tests
  • Vibrations or combined vibrations in temperature on equipment or systems in operation (fluid circulation, electrical supply, load/unload cycling, etc.)
  • Mechanical tests
  • Hydraulic tests: burst tests on hoses and pipes
  • Climatic tests: ageing, thermal shock, sunshine, salt spray, rain and dust tests
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing
  • Conformity testing of electrical products


Sopemea's laboratories are CIR and CII approved and COFRAC accredited in France.

You are

an HR Manager/Training Manager

Two men shaking hands
Two men shaking hands
  • Standard and customised training, digital learning in Health and Safety
  • EVC training
  • Skills management consultancy
  • Standards in the workplace 
  • Advice on quality of life at work

You are

an HSE Manager

a group of people pasting postits on a board
a group of people pasting postits on a board
  • Standard and custom training in Health and Safety
  • Assistance with the preparation of the “single document” for the assessment of occupational risks and workstation exposure measures
  • Ergonomics consulting, particularly for the integration of new equipment from Industry 4.0
  • Advisory support for developing a safety culture and safe conduct
  • Monitoring of external companies
  • Digital solutions dedicated to risk prevention: Avert inOne, Informed Regulatory Watch

Apave supports you internationally

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A comprehensive offer

for each customer, we set up a project manager and a multidisciplinary team to take into account all the aspects of your activity as well as all the impacts related to risk management, working closely with you in an efficient and pragmatic way.

Test resources at your premises or in our laboratories

to put our expertise at the service of your innovations

Shared values in a common approach

Geared towards progress, for a safer and more sustainable world. It is in our DNA to provide a high level of technicality while guaranteeing the best project management given your particular context, your objectives and your operational constraints, while integrating local regulatory requirements.

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