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Meeting the growing and diversified demand for mobility while reducing the environmental impact


The transport sector is facing major challenges, in particular the shift towards green mobility while reducing their environmental impact. Constant urban growth (in 2050, 68% of the world's population will live in urban areas) and the demand for mobility of goods and people makes transport the focus of future policies. While personal transport remains in the majority, the challenge is that by 2050 public transport accounts for 35% of urban journeys worldwide. Source: OECD 
Whether you are involved in rail, aeronautic, aerospace or maritime transport, or are positioned in new mobilities, Apave and its experts can help you control your risks on a daily basis.


Finally, maritime transport remains the dominant mode of transport for goods, accounting for 70% of the world total.

Your challenges related

to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The safety of your users and employees
  • Training and qualification of your teams in new practices/technologies in a rapidly changing regulatory framework

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • The performance of your equipment, facilities, utilities and maintenance 
  • Compliance and qualification of equipment
  • Safeguarding your sites against specific risks (fire, explosion, criminal damage)


Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Controlling the environmental impact of your activities
  • Improving your carbon footprint
  • The success of your ecological transition

Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Developing green mobility in complete safety
  • Managing cybersecurity risks and keeping your data secure


By controlling all these risks, businesses in the transport sector will be able to develop new, more environmentally-friendly and more decarbonised systems worldwide, to contribute to tomorrow's world.


The Apave global offer

to meet your challenges

Diagramme présentant les métiers Apave en EN
Diagramme présentant les métiers Apave en EN
APAVE's experts provide you with personalised support while integrating regulatory requirements.

A recognised player in risk management for over 150 years, Apave supports its clients in a shared progress approach, for a safer and more sustainable world.

We have developed specialised and sometimes unique expertise in the transport sector, particularly in air transport with our subsidiaries OSAC, Certifer and SOPEMEA, and in the transport of hazardous materials with our subsidiary BVT.

Apave's support :

To guarantee the reliability and performance of your equipment, installations and utilities:

  • inspection and technical assistance
  • FMDS performance consulting (Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Safety)
  • maintenance consulting

Apave's experts can help you make your equipment more reliable, secure your sites, and integrate risk management into all your projects.


To protect the health and safety of your teams on a daily basis:

  • Standard and customised training courses with innovative teaching methods
  • Supporting missions such as DUER (Single Document for the Evaluation of Professional Risks), exposure measurements at workstations, ergonomic advice, particularly for integrating new Industry 4.0 equipment
  • Consulting to develop your organisation's health and safety culture
  • Support to secure the monitoring of external companies
  • Digital solutions dedicated to risk prevention: Avert Sécurité, Avisé regulatory watch
  • Consultancy in quality of life at work and prevention of psycho-social risks


To develop the performance of your maintenance and guarantee the compliance of your equipment:

  • Technical support
  • Inspection
  • Non-destructive testing (EMAT) to avoid production stoppages


To train your employees and maintain your know-how and strategic skills

  • Standard and customised training, digital learning in health and safety
  • Support and advice on skills management for jobs in short supply


To secure your sites against specific risks (fire, explosion, malicious acts):

  • Diagnosis of safety and surveillance organisation
  • Control, advice and training related to fire safety
  • Monitoring of external companies
  • Prevention of technological and accidental risks


To take into account environmental issues and make a success of the low-carbon transition

  • Low-carbon strategy diagnostic mission
  • Evaluation of your low-carbon strategy
  • Identify ways to reduce your GHG emissions and implement actions
  • Raise your staff's awareness of the issues and get them involved
  • Initiate and successfully complete your ISO 50001 / ISO 14001 certification process
  • Verification of your declarations and applications to the authorities (according to the ETS)


We are able to collaborate with all the players in the sector to meet the challenge of innovation and safety for people, property and the environment.

For each client, we put in place a project manager and a multidisciplinary team to take into account all the facets of your activity as well as all the impacts linked to risk management with proximity, efficiency and pragmatism.

Our DNA is to provide a high level of technical expertise while guaranteeing the best project management given your context, your objectives and your operational constraints. 

Specialised expertise to meet
the specific needs of the transport industry

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An independent third-party organisation for an even safer industry. Apave's experts can advise you and provide you with personalized solutions tailored to your needs. A recognised player in risk management for over 150 years, Apave supports its clients through a shared progress approach, for a safer and more sustainable world.


The expertise of our field teams. Mastery of technical and environmental regulations. With our experience, we work on a daily basis on the evolutions related to the operation of your activities, so that you can maintain the best level of safety of your equipment and your organisations.


To provide a response aimed at industrial performance and process digitalisation. For each of your projects, a local multidisciplinary team, capable of efficiently considering all the impacts linked to risk management, is at your service. Our satisfaction is to provide you with a high level of technical expertise by guaranteeing you the best project management while considering the context, your objectives and all your constraints.

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