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Qualify your equipment for optimal safety and performance

Faced with regulatory changes and growing consumer demand, product qualification has become essential to guaranteeing the safety of products and users. Qualification is a process used to certify both the level of robustness of a safety product or service and the level of confidence in the supplier of the product or service. Apave supports you in qualifying your materials and carrying out product tests in order to market safe and efficient equipment.

Your key

Materials face many external stresses which in some cases affect their performance and stability. From manufacture to operation of the final product, it is essential to ensure the conformity of the materials used and compliance with the standards and obligations in force, and to control the risk of failures.

  • Test and qualify your equipment, products or materials to ensure their conformity and robustness
  • Obtain certificates for CE marking to guarantee the compliance and safety of goods circulating within the European Union
  • Use materials compatible with the final use of the product
  • Study the behaviour of the material in various situations
  • Assess the quality and safety level of the material
  • Ensure compliance with the regulatory standards associated with the material used

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Benefit from the expertise of our SOPEMEA laboratories for the qualification of your equipment.

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Tests and measurements
  • Destructive testing/non-destructive testing
  • Chemical analysis (on-site or in a laboratory)
  • Mechanical, metallographic tests, etc.
  • Strength calculations
  • Expertise
  • Training
  • CE marking

You build, operate or maintain equipment made of metal materials

You wish to check the characteristics of the materials in the context of material acceptance, in the context of qualification of welding procedures or welders, or in the context of repairs with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of the equipment:

  • Qualification of materials or welds: tensile strength, hot tensile strength, bending, resilience, macro and micrographic examinations, hardness tests, chemical analyses, corrosion tests,
  • Custom tests (compression, heat treatment, etc.)
  • Damage analysis: wear, breakage, corrosion
  • Semi-quantitative chemical analysis (PMI)
  • Microscopic examination by installation of metallographic replicas
  • Hardness tests (Leeb, Micro Vickers)
  • Ferrite content measurement (ferritescope)
  •  The test laboratory is COFRAC ISO 17025-accredited and meets the new requirements of the nuclear industry (FRAMATOME, EDF customer specifications, etc.)

You build or operate equipment made of composite materials or thermoplastics

You occasionally wish to check the characteristics of this equipment and qualify the assembly procedures as well as the personnel involved.

  • Qualification of procedures, welding, laminating and bonding personnel (according to NF T 57900, NF EN 13121, NF EN 13067, etc.)
  • Micro and macrographic examinations
  • Physico-chemical tests
  • Mechanical tests on control samples (tensile strength, bending, compression, interlaminar shear strength)
  • Special tests on request

You work at (hazardous and household) waste storage facilities

You have to carry out checks to ensure the safety of people and the environment:

  • Checks of geomembrane properties
  • Welding tests
  • The laboratory is approved by ASQUAL for tests on this type of product

You wish to market products in the European Union and need to obtain CE marking

To meet regulatory requirements and certify the compliance of your products to guarantee the safety of users: 

  • PPE for falls from height, respiratory PPE and helmets
  • Mechanical ski lifts and light fittings
  • Computer hardware and laboratory and testing equipment
  • Electrical appliances and low voltage industrial appliances
  • Medical devices
  • Tests for CE marking
  • Assessment of electrical products in the context of CB certification for international use

Benefit from the expertise of our SOPEMEA Laboratories for the qualification of your equipment

Thanks to unique support for testing in mechanical, climatic, EMC and electrical environments. Monitoring at each stage of the development of your projects: design file or design justification file, qualification strategy and tests, vulnerability analysis, lightning protection system study, protection against electrostatic discharges, CE marking, system validation, engineering audit and staff training.

Our laboratories are CIR-, CII- and COFRAC-accredited in France and UKAS-accredited in the UK to meet your needs and requirements: 

  • Upstream support & expertise
  • Climatic tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • EMC tests
  • Hydraulic tests
  • Measurements
  • Electrical Product Compliance
  • Test Equipment Maintenance
  • Training

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The skills of our field teams. Mastery of technical and environmental regulations. Drawing on our experience, we work on a daily basis on developments related to the operation of your activities so that you can maintain the highest safety for your equipment and organisations.


Provide a response which targets industrial performance and process digitisation. For each of your projects, a local multidisciplinary team, capable of effectively considering all the impacts related to risk management, is at your service. Our satisfaction is to provide you with a high level of technicality by guaranteeing you the best project management while considering the context, your objectives and all your constraints.

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