Wind turbines in a field

Wind energy

Develop sustainable and unlimited energy from the power of the wind


Wind power is an energy source making it possible to produce electricity using the force of the wind. 
In 2019, global wind power capacity grew by 19% (World Energy Council sources). Beyond economic and environmental factors, wind power is part of the diversification of energy sources. This technology is therefore the focus of strategies to develop new electricity capacity and represents many challenges for all stakeholders.
Apave and its experts can help you control your risks on a daily basis.

Your challenges related

to risk management

Your challenges related to human risks

  • The safety of people in complex environments (open sea, mountains)
  • The safety of staff working on construction sites and preventing risks related to co-activity

  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Integrity of facilities 
  • Control of risks related to installing and maintaining wind turbines by considering unexpected climatic events


Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Measuring environmental impacts of construction across all project phases
  • Recycling materials at end-of-life


Your challenges related to Digital and Technological risks

  • Technological innovations to cover variations in electricity production and storage
  • Managing your cybersecurity risks and safeguarding your data

By controlling all these risks, businesses in the energy sector will be able to develop new, more environmentally-friendly and more decarbonised production and consumption systems worldwide, to contribute to tomorrow's world.


Did you know?

At present, the French wind park is exclusively on land, but 7 offshore wind farms are under development. These farms are due to be commissioned between 2022 and 2027.

The complete Apave offer
to meet your challenges

Apave supports all stakeholders in the wind turbine facility market, helping them respond safely to all the challenges related to their activity, by means of:


  • Cutting-edge expertise and seasoned field experience combined with thorough knowledge of current regulations
  • An objective opinion thanks to our third-party status
  • A single point of contact throughout all your projects to facilitate communication and streamline exchanges
  • Expertise covering the entire life cycle of wind turbine facilities (design, construction, tests, operation, modifications, renovation and deconstruction, upgrading) and training of staff working on site

You work in the design/study phase of wind turbines

  • Administrative and technical management of applications for preliminary authorisation of projects (feasibility study, ecological inventory, environmental assessment, implications of the water law, acoustic modelling, etc.)
  • Risk analyses (ICPE [classified installation for environmental protection] site, conduct hazard studies) 
  • Sizing of facilities to optimise performance and prevent risks
  • Quality Monitoring: Quality Control process and process monitoring
  • Feasibility study
  • Ecological inventory
  • Environmental assessment
  • Acoustic modelling
  • Training: Build with acoustic and environmental performance requirements
  • Qualification tests on wind turbine blades and transformers by our subsidiary Sopemea

You work on the construction or renovation of wind turbine facilities

Your challenge: controlling costs and deadlines while ensuring safety on the site and of the environment

You are involved in the acceptance of wind turbine facilities

Your challenge: ensuring technical and regulatory compliance, as well as technical and environmental performance

You work during the operation and maintenance of Wind turbine facilities

Your challenge: assessing the condition of the facility and carrying out the necessary maintenance work

  • Operational safety study
  • Electrical installations VP
  • Ageing of HV cables
  • Ageing of dielectric analysis / SFRA transformers
  • High voltage relay tests
  • Periodic check of lifting and anchoring devices
  • Preliminary check (return to service lifting)
  • Ultrasonic bolt tightening test
  • Vibration test / END verticality check on drums (ACFM, etc.)
  • Certification: System (ISO 9001 / ISO 19443), Environment (ISO 14001), Health & Safety at Work (ISO 45001), Human (skills), Equipment (Qualification via CbyApave)
  • Training: Working at height, Workplace first-aider (SST), electrical qualification, isolated worker, Live working, Maintaining a lightning protection facility
  • Inspection and modeling by drone

You work during the deconstruction of wind turbine facilities

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Independent third party body working for an even safer industry. Apave experts advise you and provide bespoke response to your challenges. Recognised for its knowledge of risk management for 150 years, Apave supports its customers in a shared progress approach, for a safer and more sustainable world.


The skills of our field teams. Knowledge of technical and environmental regulations. Drawing on our experience, we work on a daily basis on developments related to the operation of your activities, so that you can maintain the highest safety level for your facilities and organisations.


Provide a response targeting industrial efficiency and process digitisation
For each of your projects, a local multidisciplinary team is made available to give thorough consideration to all the impacts related to risk management. Our satisfaction is in bringing you a high level of technical know-how by guaranteeing the best project management while considering the background, your objectives and all your constraints

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