Our work-study /internship offers

Are you a student looking for a meaningful career with a company renowned for its technical expertise? 

Joining us, within the Apave Group, means having the opportunity to act on a daily basis to help our customers prevent and control various types of risk, whether human, technical, environmental or digital.

By joining Apave, you are actively helping to bring our Raison d'Être to life: "Acting as a trusted player, for a safer, more sustainable world that fosters shared progress." At Apave, your talents and skills will flourish within a close-knit team, where every day is an opportunity to undertake ever more technical and exciting missions.
We see our differences as an asset that we put to work every day on missions of great social benefit. With your skills, you're welcome to join a group resolutely focused on people.

Choose us!

When you join Apave, you're doing much more than joining an international Group. You'll be at the heart of a business that's rich in meaning: risk management. You'll take part in key missions for the future of our customers. In short, you'll be learning a trade.

What's more, you'll be part of a story where the power of teamwork is a reality. We'll be with you every day to help you develop your skills.

Your benefits

Joining Apave as a work-study student means enjoying the same benefits as our employees.

  • The support of a tutor throughout your experience with the Group, to help and guide you whenever you need it.
  • Exciting challenges where your creativity and ideas are valued.
  • Progressive autonomy and responsibility in carrying out assignments, so that you acquire real know-how.
  • Dynamic teams with varied backgrounds and a wealth of experience to share.


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Part-time management controller

Jenna is a work-study student in the Management Control team at Apave Group headquarters. She is in her 2nd year of a Master's degree in Management Control and Auditing. Her main tasks are :

  • Reporting information for consolidation between the Group's various subsidiaries
  • Harmonization of practices and processes to ensure a common base
  • Performance management to guarantee reliable indicators
  • Coordinating the budgeting process, both in terms of construction and monitoring.

Jenna came to know the Apave Group through webinars offered at her school.
Her tutor is the CFO, and is always ready to help her progress and teach her the methods she needs to manage her assignments effectively.


Part-time Calculation Engineer and Project Manager

Nicolas is a trainee Calculation Engineer and Business Manager at the Agence Nationale "Calculs et Résistance des Structures" in Rouen. He is in his 4th year at INSA Rouen. His main missions are :

  • Regulatory verification of new or in-service equipment
  • Technical assistance (project management and drafting/verification of calculation notes), on a wide range of equipment (pressurized, handling, piping, nuclear, etc.).

During a forum organized by his school, he was able to discover Apave and interview directly at the forum. With a rhythm adapted to his curriculum, 2 days at the company and 3 days at school for 6 months, followed by a 6-month period at the company on a full-time basis.
He learned a trade and signed a permanent contract one year after his work-study program.


Part-time Inspection Manager

Tanguy is a work-study Inspection Officer at the Nantes branch. After completing a DUT in Hygiene, Health and the Environment, he went on to complete a professional degree in industrial site inspection on a work-study basis with Apave. His main missions are to inspect pressure equipment at customer sites, and then write up the reports.
Thanks to his school, which offers its students' CVs directly to human resources, he was able to find his work-study placement quickly.
The group manager of the agency's pressure unit supports him on a daily basis in his customer assignments. His increased skills enabled him to be hired after his year of work-study.


Part-time Business Manager

Thibo is a work-study business manager at the Saint-Denis branch. After completing a Bachelor's degree in Business Development Responsibility with Apave, Thibo decided to continue with a Master's degree in Business Management, again with Apave.
His main missions in the inspection division are :

  • Draw up bids
  • Coordinate and monitor bids as soon as they are accepted
  • Scheduling tasks within the overall planning of field teams

As part of a team of multi-skilled experts, Thibo will find it easy to get to grips with the world of risk management.


Part-time sales apprentice

Yacine is a work-study sales apprentice at the Saint Denis branch. He is Bachelor in charge of marketing and sales. His main missions are :

  • Telephone prospecting
  • Customer meetings with his managers
  • Drawing up offers and overseeing contract signature

Thanks to his school, Yacine applied to the Saint Denis branch, which quickly contacted him to offer him a work-study placement. Thanks to the work-study program and practical experience, he was able to develop his commercial fibre and his ability to make the most of his sales role.

An undeniable asset

Work-study training is an undeniable asset for building a lasting professional future. It's a win-win situation!

  • A work-study program at Apave allows you to learn a trade in a practical way.
  • It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a meaningful activity.
  • Work-study students take part in key missions for the future of the company's customers.


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