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Eurocontrol, the Apave Group's Spanish subsidiary, accredited by ENAC for asbestos inspections

Eurocontrol, the Spanish subsidiary of the Apave Group, has just been accredited by the national accreditation body in Spain, ENAC, to carry out asbestos inspections according to the Spanish standard UNE 171370-2. Eurocontrol thus becomes the first entity in the country to have obtained this accreditation. 

The use and marketing of asbestos has been banned in Spain since 2002. Facilities or buildings containing asbestos built before this date must be identified and assessed to determine the potential health risk to users.


The Apave Group, which Eurocontrol joined in 2020, is recognised in France as a major player in the field of asbestos inspection, with strong experience in this field which presents significant development potential in Spain.


The asbestos inspection business is a fast-growing industry based on various legal initiatives that set deadlines for compliance. In Spain, for example, public buildings must be surveyed for asbestos by 2023 and steps are being taken to eradicate asbestos from all buildings by 2030.


"The detection and analysis of asbestos is a fundamental preliminary work that we carry out as the first accredited entity in Spain, and which is currently being undertaken by companies, large property owners and town halls," explains Alberto Damborenea, Eurocontrol's commercial director.

Added value for

Spanish customers

There is a long way to go in this field in Spain and part of the Group's mission is to offer its Spanish clients the possibility of carrying out an inspection with the guarantee that accreditation offers. As part of this accreditation, all inspections are governed by a quality assurance system recognised by ENAC. The reports are clear and precise and ensure the traceability of the measurements made. 

This accreditation allows Apave to offer Spanish clients the possibility of identifying the presence of asbestos in their facilities and adopting the appropriate measures in the event of the presence of this compound. The analysis of the possible presence of asbestos in buildings and installations allows companies to take the right decisions and implement actions to protect their employees.

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