Apave has joined the French association of companies for the environment (EpE)

Press release02/01/2021

EpE is pleased to welcome as a new member the international group Apave, the leading company in France providing support for professionals and local authorities in managing their technical, environmental and human risks.

More than 150 years

of experience

With a history of more than 150 years, Apave supports its customers through one-off services, regulatory or otherwise, or in overall project management from a safety and risk management perspective. Apave also has one specific feature: that of being the leading French company of occupational training in risk prevention and workplace safety.


Managing environmental risks means performing an activity or developing a project which ensures that the environment and its components are preserved. This is a fundamental issue around which Apave has developed specific expertise for many years and which can go so far as taking responsibility for a company’s overall environmental management.


This know-how includes in particular:

  • preliminary or operational environmental impact studies
  • prevention of major accidents (risk analysis, modelling of effects in the event of an accident, etc.)
  • the calculation, measurement and verification of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sites or construction operations
  • sustainable resource management aimed at developing the circular economy
  • support or assessment of environmental management systems (ISO 14001), energy (ISO 50001) or Social Responsibility (ISO 26000)
  • measuring emissions in water and air and noise, vibration or light pollution
  • improving the energy efficiency of facilities, structures or equipment
  • management of polluted sites and soils, from pollution analysis to remediation assistance
  • training company stakeholders who can act on its environmental impact


All these areas of expertise enable their customers to identify issues and risks, whether chronic or accidental, for the purpose of making appropriate decisions to preserve the environment, both locally and globally.


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Contributing each day to improving the environmental performance of a project or activity, whether the issue is regulatory or not, is the daily mission of the Apave Group teams. This is why participating in the work of EpE seemed both obvious and necessary to enable us collectively to meet the global challenges around climate change, preservation of biodiversity and management of natural resources

Philippe Maillard
APAVE Group CEO stated


Corporate Purpose

Through its local actions, Apave contributes to the collective effort undertaken to combat global warming, preserve biodiversity and reduce the ecological footprint. This mission is reflected in its stated purpose, revealed in February 2020: 


“Acting as trusted partner to make the world safer, more sustainable and source of shared progress”

EpE & Apave

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The French association of companies for the environment (EpE, www.epe-asso.org), created in 1992, is a place for dialogue between business leaders and experts, who share the vision of the environment as a driver of transformations, progress and opportunities, exchange their best practices and work together to better integrate the environment into their strategies and operations.



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Apave is an international group specialised in risk management with more than 150 years’ experience. An independent company with turnover of around €950 million, Apave currently has 12,400 employees, 130 agencies in France, 170 training sites in France and abroad, and 18 testing centres. Apave operates internationally in more than 45 countries. Nearly 500,000 customers already place their trust in it in France and abroad. www.apave.com 


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