Apave Group unveils its Corporate Purpose

Press release02/01/2021

Apave, a leading international group in the field of technical, human and environmental risk management, announces its Corporate Purpose today.

The fruit of several months of co-construction with Apave customers and employees, the Group’s Corporate Purpose was approved by the Board of Directors on 10 December 2020.

“Acting as trusted partner to make the world safer, more sustainable and source of shared progress”

This Corporate Purpose is an integral part of the Group’s history and reflects the active contribution that Apave and its 12,400 employees wish to provide to the world today and in the future. It also supports the Group’s new 2021-2025 strategic plan, which will be unveiled shortly and will confirm the Group’s desire to speed up its transformation.


Apave’s history is closely intertwined with that of progress. For over 150 years, Apave has facilitated major technological changes and revolutions by developing expertise to guarantee the safety of people, industrial goods and the environment. Today, Apave continues to serve its mission as a trusted partner of its customers, to ensure that the major changes of our time, such as digitisation, sustainable development and internationalisation, are approached with both performance and safety.


Apave has always accompanied the gradual changes to the economic environment and consumer behaviours, by guaranteeing the safety of individuals, goods and the environment. Safety is the foundation for all progress: without safety, there can be no industrial progress. It is our history and our mission.” stated Rémi Sohier, Chairman of Apave Group.

Today we are entering a new stage, as we reassert and consolidate Apave’s mission as a trusted partner, particularly in a context of disruptive technologies and a climate requiring urgent attention. Apave’s Corporate Purpose was built thanks to collective work, both internally and externally, and now brings us together around a common, responsible and enduring aim.” stated Philippe Maillard, Chief Executive Officer, Apave Group.

Apave’s Corporate Purpose as developed

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“Acting as trusted partner to make the world safer, more sustainable and source of shared progress”

Ensuring safer progress.

We believe that safety is the cornerstone of progress.
Preventing, monitoring and controlling risks guarantees performance and supports innovation. It is the starting point of our actions, our strategic choices, and the development of our activities. This is why we put our expertise and solutions to work for our customers. Our aim is to enable them to comply with regulations, to secure industrial production assets and, above all, to guarantee the safety of their employees, service providers and customers.

Promoting more collective progress.

We believe that progress must be built collectively. As a trusted partner of our customers, we support them with integrity and independence by providing our expertise and by adapting to their challenges, their unique features, and to new regulations. To achieve this, we draw on the commitment of our employees around the world and their determination to be trusted, loyal and faithful partners. Our choice to train our teams, convey our technical expertise, and support and advise our customers is grounded in this belief that progress must be shared.

Building more sustainable progress.

We believe that progress must be sustainable and contribute to preserving the lives of people and ecosystems. To support this belief, we make firm commitments on our own CO2 emissions. We strive to provide access to regulations that promote the protection of people and resources, and we take action alongside our customers, over the long-term, so that the risk management of today can protect the environmental, societal and economic resources of the future.

Championing shared progress that is accessible to all.

We believe that progress must be as fair and inclusive as possible. To achieve this, we rely on our international presence to act in a way that meets the needs of everyone as closely as possible. We provide our customers with cutting-edge, innovative and digital expertise that benefits all employees and citizens. We develop training courses that enable the broadest possible audience to gain new skills. Lastly, we integrate broader social issues into our research protocols, such as quality of life at work or the independence of elders.



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Apave supports companies and local authorities in keeping their technical, human and environmental risks under control. An independent company that recorded € 881m in turnover in 2019, Apave currently has 12,400 employees, 130 agencies in France, 29 sites in Spain, 170 training sites in France and abroad and 34 laboratories and test centres. Apave operates internationally in 50 locations. 256,000 companies and local authorities already place their trust in Apave, both in France and abroad.

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