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Apave’s presence in Poland is assured by its subsidiaries Baltic Control ®and Systemics-PAB.

Baltic Control ® 

Baltic Control® is a global Testing, Inspection and Certification Body especially within food & agriculture, metal & minerals, oil, gas & chemicals, waste & recycling, industry, governments & NGO organisations. Accredited Certification Body providing audits, assessments, and certification according to various national and international standards.


As a leading independent service provider for the telecommunications industry, we help customers understand and solve quality issues in telecommunications, for both mobile and fixed networks. Our experts support you by providing active testing, mission-critical passive monitoring, design & deployment of private networks, as well as network auditing, optimisation & benchmarking solutions.



Baltic Control - Agrifood, feed and trade

"" Ul. Chylońska 112A, 81-033 Gdynia - Poland

"" +48 668 035 000

"" + 45 86 21 62 55

"" baltic@balticcontrol.com

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Systemics-PAB - Telecommunications

"" Wołodyjowskiego 46B - 02-724, Warszawa - Poland

"" +48 22 270 35 00 | +48 22 424 70 01

"" contact@syspab.eu 

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Check your compliance

  • Pre- and post-shipment inspection and issuing of associated certificates
  • Vessel / container loading and unloading supervision
  • Draught surveys - determination of a vessel’s cargo weight
  • Bunker surveys
  • Ullage
  • Inspection of waste and recycling materials (particularly ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, plastic and textiles) including in the scope of import / export operations
  • Inspection of agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • Inspection of imports and exports of commodities and feedstuffs as per national regulations and international standards
  • Fumigation of agricultural commodities to avoid pests during trade, logistics and warehousing
  • Inspection of fertilizers, ores, metals and coals
  • Inspection of materials and components (including semi-finished products, mechanical and electrical components)
  • Examining of materials, components and connections using non-destructive testing solutions
  • Inspection and verification of cosmetics and household supplies
  • Inspection and verification of mineral oils, gas and chemicals using techniques designed to reduce losses and avoid contamination
  • Evaluation / assessment of suppliers

Audit and certification

Food safety

Animal Welfare and Feed Certification:

  • GMP+, ISO 22000, VLOG, QS and EFISC-GTP: certification of animal feed production, transport, storage and trade.
  • Certification of primary producers who wish to obtain specific labels under national/international animal welfare labelling schemes, i.e. WelFur, Animal Protection and various private labels.

Certification of foodstuffs and plants:

  • GlobalG.A.P.: Audits on Good Agricultural Practices in following scopes: Chain of Custody v.6,Integrated Farm Assurance 5.2 and GRASP.
  • ISO 22000:2018, IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000: International recognized and accredited food standards.
  • NPOP and USDA NPOP: Production standard for organic crops in India.
  • Naturbaum: Certification of Christmas trees and ornamental spruces.
  • Pink Lady apples: Inspection and testing in shops and warehouses.
  • Friend of the Sea: Sustainable seafood, fisheries and aquaculture product

Audit and certification

Green Energy and Sustainability

  • ISCC, REDcert, KZR INig and ISO 14064 audits and certification: standards for greenhouse gas reduction along the value chain, sustainable land use, land use change, nature protection and social sustainability for commodity production
  • Verification of data on compliance with agricultural biomass requirements

Train your teams

  • Auditing courses to help you become competent in auditing in your sector of activity
  • Audit preparation courses (particularly for ISCC and REDcert certification)
  • Introductory certification courses
  • Advice and technical support on certification, latest scientific studies, etc.
  • Tailor-made courses, seminars and presentations on food, feed and animal welfare

Test & Measurement

In the telecommunications sector, through our specialist Systemics PAB unit, we carry out a wide range of tests and measurements:

  • E2E service measurements
  • Driving and walking benchmark tests
  • 5G readiness verification
  • In-depth technical investigations
  • Network rating and certification
  • Network acceptance and SLA compliance
  • All mobile technologies (GUL + NR)
  • Network monitoring and testing
  • Service monitoring and testing
  • Roaming monitoring and testing
  • VoLTE/IPX monitoring
  • IP measurements
  • Lawful interception
  • Cloud-based testing service
  • Advanced network and application testing equipment and services
  • Network and application vulnerability testing
  • Network and application security validation
  • UCC solutions and services
  • Solutions and services for GNSS
  • Solutions and services for precise timing, frequency and positioning
  • Solutions and services for network visibility

Consulting & technical support

  • Optimisation Advice
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Customer Experience Verification
  • E2E Network & VoLTE Audits
  • Technical and C-level Cockpits, Dashboards & Reports
  • Revenue Assurance & Fraud Detection

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