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Apave Interservices Inspection

The Apave Interservices Inspection (AII) subsidiary, with a team of 45 employees, is placed under the responsibility of Nathalie CLOTTEAU, General Manager. 
Apave Interservices Inspection is also the entry point for coordinating the implementation of major projects by bringing together the Group's skills and resources, both nationally and internationally through its internal subcontracting, and its own resources and network of subcontracting partners.

Our contacts


Managing Director

Phone: +33 6 73 88 61 18


Sales Manager

Phone: +33 7 63 94 88 65

Our services

Apave Interservices Inspection provides non-regulatory CSR services such as:

  • Factory inspections of industrial equipment and materials, new in production; site inspections, supervision of acceptance tests (FAT) and final acceptance of equipment
  • Project management and technical assistance assignments, on a subcontract basis (3 months to several years) for our clients' project teams, mainly in Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control/Inspection (QC), QA/QC, Welding Engineer, NDT Coordinator, Expediting...

In addition, Apave Interservices Inspection is the marketing and project management arm of the Apave Group for national and international contracts relating to the conformity assessment of N1 ESPN.

Our preferred sectors of activity are:

  • Energy (Nuclear, Wind)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industry

The types of equipment monitored are:

  • Pump
  • Valve
  • Turbine
  • Motor
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Heat exchanger
  • Skids
  • Tank
  • Pressurizer
  • Steam generator 900 MW and 1200 MW
  • Piping
  • Pipe
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Power transformer
  • Electronic board ...

Our customers

Our customers, based in France, are:

  • Large industrial groups as prime contractors 
  • Engineering companies and their tier 1 and 2 subcontractors (French and foreign)
  • Manufacturers of equipment and sub-systems

We guarantee our customers:

  • The implementation of a simplified contractual order (market, framework contract, specific order)
  • Centralisation, coordination and monitoring in project mode by a single business engineer
  • Traceability and history of all actions carried out within the framework of long-term projects and in multi-stakeholder mode
  • Centralized verification of the deliverables of its framework contracts

and the production of:

  • Standardised and homogenous assignments for France and abroad
  • Coordinated missions to best meet customer requirements
  • Missions carried out by AII engineers, supplemented or not by trained, qualified and accredited Apave group personnel

Our main customers are:

General Electric    Orano    TechnipFMC    Framatome    GRTgaz

Air Liquide    Edvance    Entrepose     EDF

Industeel     MHI    Reyes       RTE

SUEZ    Total Energies    UNICAF     Westinghouse

Key Figures

Our 2020 turnover in millions of euros
Percentage of our turnover generated internationally
Nuclear represents 70% of our turnover  
Oil & Gas represents 20% of our turnover
Industry and wind power represent 10% of our turnover
Long-term technical assistance services represent 45% of our turnover

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