Telecommunications players: take up the challenge of secure connectivity!

Massive deployment of 5G, development of fibre optics, or improvement of the user experience... The telecommunications sector has been undergoing profound changes for several years, and user demands are growing. In particular, the health crisis has led to an explosion in telecommunication uses and requirements.

Who are the telecom players involved?

Diagram of telecoms players
Today, there are many players in the chain, working in continuous flow to meet a common objective: guaranteeing access to a reliable network for end users.

Whether you are an infrastructure or equipment supplier, an integrator or an operator, you face many challenges in managing human, technical, environmental and digital risks!

Apave can help you achieve compliance, control your risks and improve your technical and overall performance. 

Why choose


20 years of experience

in the telecommunications sector

more than 200k interventions

conducted in EMC

32 calculation experts

dedicated to the soundness of infrastructures

The expertise of major players to support you

Choosing Apave means benefiting from the expertise of its various specialist agencies... : 

  • Calculation agency
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) agency

... and its various subsidiaries:


  • Specialised expertise in the field of telecommunications
  • No. 3 in the Spanish market, including collaboration with the public market
  • + 40 years of expertise in telecommunications
  • + 1300 experts available internationally


Logo Sopemea

  • Laboratory specialising in qualifications for high-tech industries
  • + 70 years of expertise
  • 230 experts available
  • AxesSim: Sopemea subsidiary specialising in electromagnetic simulation solutions

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