Developing electric mobility


Take advantage of Apave's experience and network to carry out your electric mobility conversion project


With Apave's experience and expertise in electricity and electrotechnology, we have always supported developments and innovations in this specific field. With an eye on the ecological dimension and climate issues, in 2018 Apave Group joined forces with Blue2Bgreen, which was the first to offer comprehensive support to companies to develop electric mobility in France.

Developing networks, digitalising uses and making performance more reliable

Many players are concerned by the conversion to electric mobility: company fleet managers, logistics platforms, car park, motorway, shopping centre or petrol station managers, local authorities for the equipment of public roads with IRVEs and the maintenance of their fleets, public transport (buses), railway stations (SNCF), transport authorities (RATP - . ...), airports, electrical installers for the installation and maintenance of IRVEs, condominiums/individual homes, car repair and inspection companies, manufacturers of IRVE charging stations.

Today, Apave's capacity in the field of electric mobility covers all the stages of a project to convert to electric mobility: from the identification of the changes to be implemented (project phase) to the operation and maintenance of equipment (operational and organisational phase).


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