Hydrogen: accelerating the energy transition in complete safety!

Decarbonated hydrogen is a strategic energy vector for achieving the ecological transition.


Apave, an expert in risk management, supports the hydrogen industry.

How is decarbonated hydrogen made?

hydrogen production diagram

What are the sectoral challenges for decarbonised hydrogen?


- Develop hydrogen storage methods


- Smoothing the production of renewable energy

industry actors

- Accelerating the energy transition


- Decarbonising your activities


- Develop the hydrogen sector

transport actors

- Développer et harmoniser l'offre de nouvelles mobilités


- Réduire vos émissions de CO2

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Expertise throughout the hydrogen life cycle

hydrogen life cycle

Support at every step of your project

the steps for a hydrogen project


Do you produce, store or distribute hydrogen in the energy, industry and transport sectors?

Our experts will help you to prevent HUMAN, TECHNICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL risks.

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