Ap'Structure - A unique solution for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of structures


Apave, a risk management specialist, and Sercel, a world leader in seismic equipment, have joined forces to offer a unique and innovative SHM solution, using the latest and most sensitive accelerometer technology on the market and operational modal analysis.


This solution enables continuous real-time monitoring of the structure of engineering structures, buildings, infrastructures, etc. in order to anticipate maintenance operations and thus extend their lifespan.

Apave and Sercel have entered into a strategic partnership combining innovative technology and proven expertise in the field of infrastructure and buildings. This solution will make it possible to monitor the integrity of structures in real time and thus extend their lifespan.

Business Line Director Building and Civil Engineering France

Why choose


A partner with over 15 years of experience

and several thousand works analysed.

a real representation of the behaviour of the structures

in their environment in order to quickly identify unusual areas that may indicate future pathologies, even if they are not visible.

state-of-the-art technology

We use the most sensitive sensors in the world, autonomous in energy, without wired connection and controllable remotely.

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