The Apave Group ramps up its training activities with the acquisition of Trainor

Press release08/31/2023

Apave, an international group with more than 150 years of experience, specialising in the management of technical, environmental, human and digital risks, announced today the acquisition of Trainor, a Norwegian company specialising in professional training activities using cutting-edge digital techniques.

Trainor is a recognised player in the development of high-quality vocational training courses in interactive, customisable 3D environments. Founded in 1995 and with a staff of around one hundred people, Trainor offers regulatory training, particularly in electrical safety and explosive atmospheres (ATEX), as well as digital security and first aid. Training courses are developed on a standard or customised basis, to meet the needs of all its customers from a wide range of sectors (infrastructure and construction, energy, industry, etc.).

The acquisition of Trainor by the Apave Group makes sense, as both companies offer vocational training services that are recognised for their quality and digital learning technologies. The combination of Apave's and Trainor's know-how and expertise will enhance their joint offering and enable them to better support their customers with cutting-edge tools.

Digital training in 3D environments

with a focus on "electrical risks"

Apave is the leading provider of vocational training in occupational health and safety and risk management, training more than 415,000 trainees a year through its 200 training centres in France and abroad. Training is a key activity for companies, enabling their employees to carry out their jobs in appropriate safety conditions, to anticipate the new risks inherent in new working methods (robotisation, new technologies, cyber-protection, etc.) and to increase the employability of each individual.

Teaching methods are constantly evolving and are enhanced by digital tools and innovative technologies (virtual reality, e-learning, blended learning, etc.) that make learning more fun and efficient. Trainor's e-learning, for example, takes place in Electri City, an interactive 3D world (inspired by Pixar) that

simulates numerous real-life situations with engaging scenarios. Apave has already embarked on this transformation and will benefit from Trainor's digital expertise to accelerate the development of training courses at the cutting edge of innovation.


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The acquisition will enable Apave to consolidate its presence in Northern Europe

and support the challenges of electrification worldwide

This acquisition, the 15th since the end of 2020, is part of Apave's ambitious 2025 strategic plan, which aims to develop the Group in France and internationally, notably through external growth, with a focus on certain key business activities, including training. Trainor's arrival within the Apave Group will enable it to accelerate the transformation of its professional training offering and consolidate its presence in Northern Europe, where the Group has already completed an acquisition this year, that of Baltic Control, based in Denmark.


Furthermore, Trainor offers regulatory training, mainly in the field of electrical safety, which is one of the Apave Group's core areas of expertise. Electrical risks represent a major safety challenge today: they are the cause of 30 to 40 deaths and 3,000 injuries per year in France (according to the French National Observatory for Electrical Safety - ONSE) and are increasing with the development of new infrastructures and electrical and connected equipment. In addition, the world's electricity needs are constantly increasing, particularly with the industrialisation of emerging countries, the reindustrialisation of developed countries, and the new needs arising from the energy transition. Changes in the way we produce and consume energy, in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, are relying heavily on electricity to decarbonise energy-intensive sectors such as industry, transport and heating. The complementary references, accreditations and geographical positions of the Apave Group and Trainor will enable them to accelerate their international development by supporting the growing need for electrification and decarbonisation of production and consumption methods.


“We are incredibly excited about the potential that our integration into the Apave group will unlock for Trainor. Our integration into the group should enable us to develop faster and make Trainor even more competitive by leveraging the scale and resources of the Apave Group. Our complementary expertise should enable us both to broaden our portfolio of services and offer our customers more comprehensive and innovative service offerings. Apave has great respect for the business we have built and for our fantastic team, and we are confident that this decision and time is right for Trainor,” said Stian Martinsen, Managing Director of Trainor.

The digital and energy transitions are accelerating worldwide, and we are adapting to be a key player. In 2022, we integrated digital risk management into our business by creating a specialised subsidiary, Apave Digital. Today, we are combining digital technology with one of our core business activities, training, thanks to the acquisition of Trainor, a specialist in the development of innovative, high-level teaching tools. I am delighted to welcome the Trainor employees who are joining us.
CEO of the Apave Group



Apave is an international group with more than 150 years of experience in technical, human, environmental and digital risk management. An independent company with a turnover of €1 billion in 2022, Apave currently has 13,000 employees, 130 agencies in France, 170 training sites in France and abroad, and 18 testing centers. Apave has an international presence in over 50 countries.

Nearly 500,000 customers already place their trust in Apave in France and abroad. www.apave.com


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