construction site Foirail of Pau

Major project to renovate Le Foirail


The city of Pau opts for the innovative Ap’Structure solution from Apave, a unique solution for the real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of structures.

construction site foirail of Pau

Le Foirail lies in the heart of Pau’s historic trade hub and is the centrepiece of a major urban renovation project that will transform the former market into a dynamic culture and performing arts venue. As a link with the city’s past, the new building will retain the 1,000 m² concrete dome, typical of 20th century architecture and a distinctive feature familiar to everyone in Pau. After full refurbishment, it will house a concert hall and the “hall des pas perdus” a public lobby area. 

To meet the technical challenge of renovating the structure, the city of Pau called on the expertise of the Apave Group, a leading international risk management operator. For this extraordinary project, the group deployed its innovative AP’Structure solution, the first operational modal analysis system designed for buildings and infrastructure. It was used to monitor the integrity, health and support structure of the dome in real time for the duration of the consolidation and alteration works.


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Ap’Structure : state-of-the-art Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technology

for use in renovation projects

Dome of the construction site foirail of Pau
AP’Structureoffers advanced SHM technology unlike any other on the European market. It is an innovative solution that uses the world’s most sensitive smart sensors requiring no outside energy source, no wired connection and which can be controlled remotely. 

Installed directly on the structures, these sensors provided extremely accurate measurements showing how the structure responds to ambient vibrations or those caused by the works.

After processing using algorithms, the monitoring data was analysed to find out more about the structural condition of the building and to interpret its behaviour during the demolition and consolidation phases and, importantly, when modifying the support structure holding up the dome. In fact, the project entails the removal of the concrete posts supporting the dome to open up the auditorium stage frame to a width of 18 metres.
Apstructure monitoring scheme
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