Apave Group speeds up digital risk management: Launch of a range of dedicated services and creation of Apave Digital

Press release09/22/2022
Apave, an international group that sets the standard in the field of technical, environmental, human and digital risk management, is stepping up the pace of digital risk management with the launch of a unique range of offerings for cybersecurity and digital trust. This new step has led to the creation of the Apave Digital entity.

This new range of cybersecurity and sensitive data protection services combines the expertise of several of the Group's subsidiaries and Apave's historical businesses. The Group aims to help economic players (VSEs, SMEs and large groups) anticipate the digital risks they face and avoid intrusions or malfunctions that could jeopardise the development and sustainability of their business.


Since the announcement of its strategic plan in 2021 and the ambition to become a major player in digital risk management, Apave has deployed a targeted acquisition strategy in the field of digital services. In order to offer its customers comprehensive support for digital risks, Apave has created a new subsidiary, Apave Digital, which brings together the teams, offers, expertise and accreditations of its subsidiaries OPPIDA, LSTI, SixFoixSept and InspeXion. This closer coordination will enable Apave to accelerate in this field, which is essential for strong digital confidence and a sustainable economy.


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Philippe Maillard CEO of the Apave Group
" Over the years, we have accompanied our clients in the evolution of their activities and the associated risks, whether technical, human, environmental or now digital. These new risks require expertise in cybersecurity and data protection, combined with knowledge of how to implement them through intrusion tests, specific training, advice or support for labelling or certification, or certification alone. Already tested and approved by several clients, I believe in the relevance and added value of this new range of offers and in the promising future of our Apave Digital entity. "
Philippe Maillard
CEO of the Apave Group

A unique range of offers

for cybersecurity and digital trust

cybersecurity chains
cybersecurity chains

This new range of services, designed to meet the operational challenges of Apave's customers, was built by combining the Cyber and Digital expertise of the OPPIDA Group's subsidiaries, LSTI and SixFoisSept, and Apave's historical businesses (Inspection Training, Certification and Labelling, Consulting and Technical Support, Testing and Measurement).

It is built around two pillars:



Concrete actions, designed for the managers of very small and medium-sized companies, to prevent the risk of cyber attacks within their structure, based on a diagnostic phase, training in eLearning format (one dedicated to the manager and the other to employees), and additional support.

This offer is declined according to the level of maturity of the customers on the subject of cybersecurity:


Picto start offer A Start version to meet the challenges of VSEs/SMEs who want to take their first steps in cybersecurity with an initial approach that allows them to:

  • Set up a diagnosis to identify possible areas of fragility in the organisation and the priority actions to be implemented 
  • Train the management team with a module in eLearning format developed specifically for this audience
  • Raise awareness among all employees in eLearning format to quickly reach the entire company


Picto expert offer An Expert version, for VSEs/SMEs that have already initiated a structured approach to cyber risk prevention. Apave's support allows them to anchor the approach in the long term and to enhance its value.


This offer is also available for "large group" clients, with a more tailored approach.


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"Data protection"


A cross-functional service offering dedicated to ensuring corporate compliance and the protection of personal or strategic data, from training, auditing and support to crisis management.


Apave is currently the only "trusted digital third party" to offer this global approach, based on national and international accreditations and recognitions (recognised by ANSSI).


The creation of Apave Digital and the launch of these new offers confirm the Apave Group's ambition to become a digital trusted third party, as it demonstrated in May 2021 when it joined the French network of excellence Campus Cyber.

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About Apave


Apave is an international group with over 150 years of experience in risk management. An independent company with a turnover of €989 million in 2021, Apave currently has 12,650 employees, 130 agencies in France, 170 training sites in France and abroad and 18 test centres. Apave has an international presence in over 45 countries. Nearly 500,000 customers already place their trust in Apave in France and abroad. www.apave.com

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