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Spain: waste characterisation for more efficient recycling

Top News04/18/2023
In Spain, the Eurocontrol subsidiary carries out waste characterisation missions for its clients in order to facilitate the recycling process and assist in the sorting process. This desire to act on waste is not only a result of regulations, but also of an awareness of the challenges of the circular economy. Discover now the solutions of our subsidiary Eurocontrol for its customer Ecoembes, specialist in packaging recycling.

An emblematic mission to characterise waste

for better reuse

Ecoembes, a packaging recycling specialist in Spain, coordinates the recycling of household plastic, metal, paper and cardboard packaging. Its mission is to help Spanish companies to integrate eco-designs in the manufacture of their packaging in order to promote the reduction of waste, thus contributing to the circular economy.


Eurocontrol, a subsidiary of Apave, has been supporting Ecoembes for more than ten years, mainly on waste characterisation. Characterisation determines the composition of waste, which makes it possible to identify in detail what is disposed of in waste-sorting bins and, depending on the contents, determine the most appropriate measures to implement.


Eurocontrol has also collaborated with Ecoembes on other projects such as the monitoring of waste collection vehicles, quality control of the waste-sorting service or the provision of waste training services in sorting centres and other facilities, the latter being essential for the correct separation and management of packaging waste.


“For Ecoembes, the involvement of specialised suppliers, such as Eurocontrol, in the quality control processes of the various management areas of the company is crucial. The desire for continuous improvement is not possible without the proper measurement of key parameters related to waste collection and treatment.”


In addition to characterisation, Eurocontrol provides many other services in the field of waste, such as the determination of the dirt and moisture content of materials, whose proprietary methodology allows us to estimate the actual amount of material available, enabling an optimisation of waste management.


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There can be no successful transitions

with safety

As a leading risk management player, Apave has developed a range of Green&Social solutions designed to support its clients in their sustainable transitions and help them meet the societal and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through concrete diagnostic, training, support, verification and evaluation actions, we work alongside your technical and operational teams in order to make CSR a part of your daily operations while allowing you to carry out your actions in complete safety.


"Apave has developed its "Green&Social" range of solutions with a view to providing sustainable support to all players in their own transitions.”


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