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UKCA: the new marking for products destined for the UK market

Top News10/06/2021
At the end of 2020, Great Britain will leave the European Union, resulting in regulatory changes and in particular the disappearance of the CE marking in favour of the UKCA marking on British territory from 1st January 2022.

Aware of the impact of this change for companies, the British government has reviewed its requirements and postponed the deadline for the application of the UKCA marking to the 1st January 2023.

What is the UKCA marking?

The UKCA marking is a new conformity marking requirement for products placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It declares that the product complies with UK legislative requirements and that the appropriate conformity assessment procedures have been carried out* (source France UL.com). From 1 January 2023, to sell a product on the British market, the UKCA mark will be mandatory and the only one recognised

As a manufacturer in the European Union you can:


Use the new UKCA mark now if your product meets the following conditions:

  • Your product is intended for the UK market
  • Your product is covered by legislation that requires the UKCA mark
  • Your product requires a mandatory third party conformity assessment
  • The conformity assessment has been carried out by a UK compliance body


Benefit from a one year extension to :

  • Sell your stocks of CE marked goods to the UK market
  • Conform and obtain the UKCA mark to continue trading in the UK


However, we encourage you not to lose time in your efforts and to prepare for the implementation of this new regime as soon as possible. Apave and its partners can help you with the UKCA marking process.


Find out more about UKCA marking


To find out more about UKCA marking and how best to prepare yourself with Apave, we invite you to take part in our E-Workshop dedicated to this subject on Tuesday 12 October at 11:00 am.

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