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World Safety Day 2023: Supporting and promoting the transition to safe, healthy and sustainable working environments


Opinion column by Philippe Maillard

Managing Director of Apave Group


604,565: the number of accidents at work recorded in France in 2021 . 
645: the number of fatal accidents at work recognised by the Health Insurance in France. "600 deaths per year is not acceptable. A culture of prevention must be disseminated from initial training, during continuing education and among company managers", declared Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, last December.

Two figures that reinforce our conviction that there can be no sustainable progress without safety, and that remind us of the importance of the Apave Group's commitment, materialised in its Raison d'Etre, to a safer world.

"Zero Accidents"

uniting our 13,000 employees around an ambitious objective


For several years now, the Apave Group has been pursuing the objective of "Zero Accidents", which is reflected in the field by the strengthening of a common Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture and the implementation of an active risk prevention policy, at all levels of the company. Each of our 13,000 employees in France and abroad, through their daily actions, their professionalism, their spirit of initiative and their ability to adapt, is a key player in our commitments to preserve human life and ecosystems.

And to support them in this ongoing process, digital technology provides an effective response to the need for responsiveness and interactivity, essential qualities for better prevention of occupational risks. Thanks to the Alert Sécurité mobile application - which I mentioned in a previous article - everyone can report dangerous situations or near-accidents that they have witnessed, and can share their good practices. Alert also reinforces the "culture of attention", a crucial lever for managing the main causes of accidents in the workplace (such as the risk of falling on the ground).  A remarkably powerful tool used by our customers and all the Group's employees.


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Supporting transitions

to safe and healthy working environments

Faced with ecological and energy disruptions and the growing social and societal changes with which companies, local authorities and citizens are confronted, it is necessary to adapt in order to control the new risks arising from them, in particular by encouraging the development of a prevention culture within organisations at all levels.

Indoor air quality, exposure to chemical risks, exposure to electromagnetic fields, noise and vibration in the workplace, legionella risk, radiation protection, etc. Under the impetus of collective awareness, a more proactive European policy and changing societal values, companies must now lead their own revolution to design or invent safe and healthy working environments for their employees. It is now up to each economic player to do their part to build a more sustainable world.


For more than 150 years, Apave has accompanied major technological changes and revolutions by developing expertise to guarantee the safety of people, property, the environment and digital technology.

Convinced that improving health and safety in the workplace is the foundation of all progress in the social, economic, environmental and societal dimensions of our activities, we are committed to preventing, controlling and managing risks of all kinds.

This is the essence of our action, our strategic choices and our development.

It is the meaning of the missions delivered by Apave's 13,000 employees to our 500,000 clients.