Safety and the environment: two major challenges for the L'Oréal Group during the rehabilitation of the La Roche Posay Thermal Centre

In January, the L'Oréal Group reopened the completely renovated La Roche Posay Thermal Centre. This renovation project was carried out under the banner of safety and environmental protection. To support its approach during the works, the L'Oréal Group called on Apave for an environmental, health and safety management mission.

The L'Oréal Group launched a total renovation of the La Roche Posay Thermal Centre at the end of 2020. After two years of work, the thermal baths reopened their doors at the end of January 2022: brand new facilities, enlarged spaces, optimisation of thermal water resources ... ready to receive the 7,000 curists who use the facilities every year.


One of the main challenges of the project was environmental: the L'Oréal Group wanted to optimise the thermal water resources and aimed to reduce water consumption by 30%. The entire water network (drilling, pumping, transport) was renovated and secured. The second was safety on the site, linked to the co-activity of the various companies. 


To meet the challenges of safety and environmental protection, the L'Oréal Group called on Apave. Throughout the project, an Apave environmental, health and safety coordinator dealt with safety issues in real time, providing solutions to make daily life on the site easier and ensuring that the requirements of the BREEAMⓇ certificate were properly applied. (waste, water and energy management, taking into account the fauna and flora). 
With Apave's support and expertise throughout the work, all the site's players were able to work in optimum safety conditions while applying good environmental practices.


You have a construction or rehabilitation project and you want to carry it out safely while taking action to protect the environment. With Apave, you can benefit from dedicated support, contact us.

A look back at the mission carried out by the Apave teams. 

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