Learn a trade in real-life conditions to become an Installation and Automated Machine Operator

In partnership with Manpower, Apave has come up with a pragmatic solution that meets Maître Prunille's needs, enabling the company to train its future employees "on site" at its Casseneuil plant (47). Tailor-made, professionally-oriented training is offered to ensure long-term employment in the fast-growing profession of Installation and Automated Machine Operator.

A proven

technical expertise

Apave has taken up the challenge of combining technical support with training for future employees using a mobile automated line. This standard production line, adapted to the needs of its customer, can be deployed anywhere in France. The aim of this innovative approach is to offer apprentices from Prunille, an Apave client, a comprehensive learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application in real operating conditions.

An evolving

training offer

Training plant and automated machine operators is difficult without real conditions. Recruiting them is even harder. In a technical profession where safety is at the heart of the job, training is essential.

By offering a tailored course for its customer Maitre Prunille, with equipment tailored to the customer's needs. Apave can train future production line operators by combining theory and practice over the course of a year. The benefits of being able to work in real-life conditions are obvious, with trainees receiving the best possible training on a sandwich course before being offered a permanent contract.

The incorporation of practical elements enables trainees to bridge the gap between conceptual understanding and practical execution, fostering an in-depth understanding of industry best practice and real skills enhancement, as Eric BENNE, Operations Manager at the Casseneuil site, points out.


Learning a trade in one year thanks to the Apave CFA is possible by combining Apave's know-how. #1formation1trade

Installation and automated machine operator,

what does it involve?

The installation and automated machine operator adjusts the machines. He prepares, supplies and launches production in compliance with production rates, quantities and product quality. They monitor production, manage any contingencies and suggest improvements.
Autonomous and versatile, the installation operator monitors production to ensure that deadlines, safety and quality are met.

By training with Apave, you will be able to:

  • Prepare, organise, operate and monitor production line machines with rigour and responsiveness
  • Start up production line machines
  • Ensure compliance with hygiene, health, safety and environmental regulations


Whether you're an employee looking to acquire a recognised professional qualification, a jobseeker or someone looking to retrain, this training course, taught by industry experts, will enable you to work in all types of business sectors in a multi-skilled occupation. 65 days (455 hours), full-time or on a sandwich course, just like at Maître Prunille.


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