Learn a trade in real-life conditions to become an HVAC maintenance technician.

Future maintenance technicians learn how to work on a ventilation installation.  In a few months' time, they will be ready to apply all the knowledge they have acquired at the Apave training centre in Taverny, near Paris. The new CFA (apprentice training centre) prepares apprentices to become HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) maintenance technicians.


a real springboard to employment

The apprentices in the first intake should be able to secure a contract of employment at the end of 65 days' on-site training and weeks spent in real-life conditions in a company or public establishment. Candidates for the HVAC maintenance technician qualification were selected by Apave. This support is much appreciated by companies looking for skilled workers in short-staffed occupations.

State-certified training that is recognised by companies, a permanent contract and solid partners: the Taverny CFA is being emulated. The course already exists in the region. Thanks to the mobile platforms, Apave covers the whole of France.

An evolving

training offer

Whether you're an employee looking to gain a recognised professional qualification, a jobseeker or someone looking to retrain, this training course, taught by industry experts, will enable you to learn a trade on fixed and mobile teaching equipment: boilers, heat pumps and air conditioners. 
A short course .  65 days (455 hours), full-time or part-time, 100% of the cost of the training is covered. A trade with a future, helping to drive the energy transition!


The Apave CFA makes it possible to learn a trade in one year by combining Apave's expertise. #1training1trade

What does an

HVAC maintenance technician do?

The HVAC Maintenance Technician carries out level 2 preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and optimises the settings of thermal and thermodynamic equipment, hydraulic distribution networks and air handling systems, known as "HVAC systems" in commercial and industrial buildings.


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