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Signature Biodiversity® Label: Apave Certification at the heart of positive biodiversity at Decathlon

Top News12/09/2020

In September 2022, Decathlon, the major French sports and leisure retail group, received the Signature Biodiversité® label from Apave Certification for its Saint-Jouan-des-Guérets shop near Saint-Malo.

The aim of the certification process, which began in 2019, was to make the store a place where people and biodiversity can live together. A successful gamble that makes it possible to combine ecology and construction!

A complete diagnosis

of ecological networks


The aim of the Signature Biodiversité® label is to offer companies, developers and other investors a tool for integrating all the ecological frameworks into their projects, in order to commit to an approach that promotes biodiversity.


Between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, an audit called DPE, Diagnostic de Performance Environnementale, which includes 74 biodiversity criteria, was carried out. It analysed all the ecological frameworks such as water resources, soil, climate and quality of life on the site and determined the points to be improved with a view to awarding the label.


Today, this site has :

54.1% green space,

2589 plants in total, including 141 trees,

6 semi-natural habitats.


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The Signature Biodiversity® label

what is it? 

The Signature Biodiversité® label is a token of recognition for eco-responsible actors who place nature at the centre of their priorities.

It takes into account the ecological frameworks to be integrated into development projects, thus encouraging the commitment of companies and other players to the development of biodiversity. 
The ecological value of each project is measured before and after the works, using the ECD measurement tool. The aim is to apply corrective actions to enable the project, after the first audit, to limit as much as possible the harmful effects of urbanisation on the environment without impacting the project's development.

Apave Certification acts as an independent assessment and certification body for projects that are committed to the Signature Biodiversité® environmental approach.
"It is only natural for Apave Certification to work with Signature Biodiversité® to offer a solution that enables construction or rehabilitation projects to prove that they are capable of protecting and securing the environment around them and biodiversity," explains Guillaume Le-Floch, label development manager at Apave Certification.

An attractive place

The Decathlon shop in Saint-Jouan-des-Guérets is a perfect example of the positive contribution of this label to a project. After six years of development, the shop has become a favourite place for sheep, bees, insects, bats, sports enthusiasts and also schools in the region.

"We are in contact with the schools of Saint-Jouan, who ask us to organise lessons that come to life inside our site", says Quentin Verdier, the shop manager, proudly. 
The Decathlon group is now showing its willingness to develop its network of shops in terms of ecology and biodiversity. Following this certification, the French group wishes to involve around twenty other shops in the positive biodiversity approach.

A real strategy for

development strategy

"It is a very concrete demonstration of our real estate sustainable development strategy, visible to our customers and very much in line with our outdoor playground, which is our planet", explains David Huchette, Technical Director of Decathlon Real Estate, without looking away from the flamboyant nature of the recently labelled shop.


With more than 30,000m2 of space reserved for nature, the Decathlon shop in Saint-Jouan-des-Guérets is the very first of the group to receive the label.

"We did this first test in Saint-Malo and currently we have about twenty shops under construction or being studied that we are going to label", explains the technical director.


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