Aviron Bayonnais: Extended health measures for rugby fans.

Top News09/08/2020
6,000 spectators are expected next Saturday for the second match of the Top 14 between Aviron Bayonnais and ASM Clermont-Ferrand. Focus on the mission organised by the Apave teams to support the club in obtaining this exemption.

The Aviron Bayonnais Rugby Pro club asked the Apave teams to assist them in defining the preventive measures against COVID risks needed for the second match of the Top 14 in a game against ASM Clermont-Ferrand next Saturday, 12 September.


During this audit, preventive measures and protocols were put forward aimed at protecting against the Covid risk for both the Club staff and the subcontractors present on the day and partners and fans. This mission also aimed to request an exemption of the 5,000 person capacity limit that must be applied for any sporting event. 


The audit was validated by Apave and an exception granted by the Sub-prefecture for 6,000 people given the maximum capacity of the stadium (9,500 people, i.e. a capacity of 63% excluding personnel, subcontractors and sports partners) valid for this match only. The capacity for fans will be reassessed for the following match depending on the health context and the efficacy of the proposed measures.

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