Grand Interview: 5 questions to Philippe Maillard by Michel Denisot

Philippe Maillard, CEO of the Apave Group, talks to Michel Denisot on the programme "Le Grand Entretien" broadcast on BSmart and LePoint.fr. Each week, Michel Denisot welcomes a leader of a company that is a champion in its sector to discuss and decipher its success.
This is an opportunity, in 10 minutes, to discover the Apave group, its raison d'être, its businesses and the group's ambitions for the future in France and internationally.

Apave, discover risk monitoring and control!

On this occasion Philippe Maillard was able to present the Apave group and its rich and varied professions, such as training, inspection, certification and testing and measurement. This was a good opportunity to illustrate the extent of the risk management professions, their necessity and their technicality.

The group's 12,650 employees work in all sectors of activity, offering innovative solutions for assessing and maintaining the safety of infrastructures, training employees in health and safety at work, checking CO2 certificates or the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, refrigerants, and the maintenance of electric batteries: missions that make it possible to control risks at all stages in the life of a company or a project.


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Apave, a promising future

The Apave Group has embarked on an ambitious development and transformation plan. To support this dynamic, Apave plans to recruit 1,500 employees in various professions, with a desire to increase the number of women and to continue to acquire new expertise, such as in cyber security.

At a time when the energy transition and the digital revolution are transforming production and consumption methods, Apave is adapting its expertise to support its customers' changes. The Apave Group is convinced that safety is the foundation of all progress. It is the starting point for our action and our development!