Electric vehicles: charging stations are certified by Apave Certification

Top News10/25/2023

The electric mobility sector has been booming for several years now. 80% of highways in France are equipped with electric vehicle charging stations, making a total of 100,000 charging points open to the public by May 2023*.

This rapid expansion is not without risk if the charging stations are not tested beforehand.

To ensure the safety and compliance of this equipment, Apave Certification, a subsidiary of the Apave Group, has been notified since May by the IECEE, the International Commission on Electrical Equipment to test and certify charging stations for Europe and help streamline access to global markets.

Certification of charging stations guarantees the equipment complies with safety standards allowing manufacturers, distributors or operators to sell the equipment with multiple target markets.

What standards does

Apave Certification cover?

Apave Certification is notified by the IECEE for the following two standards:

  • IEC 61851-1:2017, 3rd Edition Conductive charging system for electric vehicles - Part 1: General requirements
  • IEC 61851-22:2001, Conductive charging system for electric vehicles - Part 22: AC conductive charging points for electric vehicles


These standards are applied to EV supply equipment for charging electric road vehicles.

IEC standards enhance competitiveness and economic efficiency and facilitate international trade.

What are the benefits

of certifying charging stations for electric vehicles? 

EV’s tested and certified infrastructures ensure the successful development of the electric mobility sector.


The key benefits of certification include:


  • Safety: ensures the electrical safety of users of charging stations and equipment. Certified charging stations undergo rigorous testing and meet specific safety standards. This reduces the risk of electrical malfunction, overheating or other potential hazards.

The standard covers the EV supply equipment and the connection between the EV supply equipment and the EV.


  • Compliance: certification verifies the compliance of charging stations. It guarantees that most electric vehicles can be recharged at these stations, whatever their make or model.

Compliance ensures conformity with the regulations in force: safety, electromagnetic field and radio, where applicable, verified in Sopemea laboratories.


  • Quality: verification of the materials used in the manufacture of charging stations. Certification enables manufacturers and distributors to demonstrate the conformity of their equipment.

Meeting obligations

EVCI with Apave?


The Apave Group supports installers, agents, operators and licensees from the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EVCI) through to their operation. Among other things, our experts carry out feasibility studies for your installation project, perform technical site inspections, connect your electrical circuits, prevent data-related risks and train your employees in the operation of EVCIs. 

The Apave Group supports manufacturers, developers and installers in all phases of the project to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure - EVCI.


  • Training for electricians and installers
  • Inspection of electric vehicle charging facilities
  • Support for the Advenir programme for condominium associations
  • Support for the TIRUERT scheme (to obtain renewable energy certificates)
  • Testing and certification of charging points

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