Discover Apave Self-Diagnoses, a simple and free tool to review your regulatory obligations

Top News12/09/2020

The Apave teams are pleased to inform you of the availability on our website of new self-diagnosis which aim to inform you about several risk management topics.

Discover the online

self-diagnosis tool by Apave

Apave has designed several self-diagnoses to help you review different topics within your company. 


This simple and educational tool allows you to quickly:

  • assess your level of compliance, become aware of the regulatory obligations and check compliance with them
  • identify improvement areas
  • anticipate what preventive actions need to be implemented
  • control your professional risks

Support you
in your procedures

Thanks to the self-diagnoses, you benefit from a personalised assessment accompanied by recommendations and advice from Apave experts as well as contact made easier with your local contact person to save time and plan an intervention if necessary.

They will only take a few minutes: fewer than 10 clicks to review your situation. After completing them, you will receive an assessment of the chosen subject by email.


Here are the self-diagnoses available to date:

  • Safety self-diagnosis: makes it possible to easily and quickly determine the level of compliance and the actions to be taken to prevent risks.
  • Digital learning self-diagnosis: determines the most appropriate methods for placing the learner at the centre of the system.
  • Health crisis self-diagnosis: 6 clicks to discover the key measures to be implemented to protect employees in this health crisis period.
  • Self-diagnosis of Local Authorities & Public Service Actors: aims to determine the points of vigilance which are essential for implementing an effective risk management policy over the territory and to identify priority projects in this health crisis period.
  • HS2® Label self-diagnosis: assess your level of commitment to vulnerable people and learn how to put more into meeting the needs of seniors thanks to the HS2 Label.
  • Self-assessment of compliance of posted workers and subcontractors: assess your practices related to posted workers and subcontracting in 5 clicks.

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