site constellium de Neuf-Brisach

Apave manages SPS coordination for the extension of the Constellium site, a major aluminum recycler

Constellium, the aluminum recycling giant, is expanding its Neuf-Brisach site (Haut-Rhin) to increase its aluminum recycling capacity. This major construction project requires Health & Safety coordination, provided by Apave Alsace Franche-Comté's Infrastructure and Construction teams.

Constellium is a world leader in the development, manufacture and recycling of aluminum products and solutions. The group designs and manufactures advanced alloys and engineered solutions for a range of applications, including beverage cans, cars, aircraft and more. For over a century, the Group's mission has been the same: to create revolutionary aluminum solutions for a circular and sustainable economy.

Expanding site

to increase recycling capacity

The Neuf-Brisach production site in the Haut-Rhin region of France has an annual capacity of 450,000 tonnes of liquid aluminum for the automotive and packaging markets.

Despite the 245-hectare site, production capacity is set to increase further with the FD6 project, an extension to the foundry. Under construction since September 2022, the project will increase the amount of recycled material by 30% and reduce CO2 emissions by 440,000 tonnes per year.

Our relationship with Apave,

a mission of trust

Employé Apave avec casque bleu
Employé Apave avec casque bleu
"We have built up a relationship of trust with the Apave teams that enables us to carry out all our assignments successfully. We can exchange information in a totally transparent way. Together, we're finding solutions to ensure even greater safety on our site".

José Roche Project Manager in charge of the new site extension

The Constellium Neuf-Brisach site

classified SEVESO high threshold

Employé Apave avec casque blanc
Employé Apave avec casque blanc
As the plant is subject to drastic regulations due to its SEVESO high threshold classification, José Roche, project manager in charge of the new site extension, was looking for a solid partner for all three phases of the project: design, construction and commissioning.
Apave was chosen to provide SPS (Safety and Health Protection) coordination and prevention management for the 80 companies working on the site.
"The SPS mission is divided into two phases.
The design phase, during which we analyze documents and draw up the General Coordination Plan (PGC).
And the execution phase. We conduct joint inspection visits. We welcome all companies entering the site, to make them aware of the various risks they will encounter on site. We then make unannounced visits to the site. We check that everything is running smoothly, and that employees are complying with the various instructions laid down in the French Labor Code and those of the customer on the site.

Emmanuel Biehler, Health and Safety Coordinator (CSPS) and Unit Manager at the Infrastructures et Construction Franche-Comté agency.

An operational extension

in September 2024

Apave's Mulhouse teams were involved in the environmental impact assessment of the FD6 project from the outset. 

The new unit, which will come on stream in September 2024, will enable Constellium to increase the quantity of recycled material while reducing its carbon footprint.

In addition, two Apave HSE prevention specialists have been working full-time on the site for several years. Their role is to train outside contractors in Constellium's safety culture, within the framework of several projects on occupied sites under Decree 92.

Our employees also provide services in : 

  • ATEX zoning,
  • Lifting and handling,
  • Inspections of electrical installations at contractors' living quarters
  • NDT

In Alsace and elsewhere in France, Apave supports industrial sites and companies in their development and environmental objectives in complete safety.


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