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Interview with Alexandra, new recruit

Top News02/15/2022

After having already integrated more than 1,400 new talents in 2021, Apave, the leading group in prevention, risk management and professional training, is continuing its development and has announced its objective of recruiting 1,500 new employees in France and abroad in 2022, including 900 permanent positions.


With a wide range of profiles and equally wide range of jobs, read the interview with Alexandra, a Technical Construction Control Engineer, who tells you about her career at Apave.

Rich and varied


From risk prevention in buildings to fire safety, via disabled access, it deals with all the controls that concern the safety of people and property but also environmental protection and energy savings in buildings.


The profession of Construction Technical Control Engineer is varied, and thanks to the different types of sites, it allows the development of expertise in materials and the ability to meet the different needs of High Environmental Quality (HEQ) sites.

Trust as a

key to fulfilment

Alexandra New recruit Technical Control Engineer Construction

With an appetite for biobased materials, which are materials that are partially or totally derived from biomass (wood, hemp, rice husks, straw, flax, etc.) and geobased materials, which are of mineral origin (raw earth or dry stone), for High Environmental Quality sites, Alexandra has been able to develop expertise in this field, thanks to the trust placed in her by her team members, who have given her the sites on which she can flourish. Apave allows her to put her commitments to the benefit of her company in order to encourage the development of her employees.


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