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2022 Review: Apave exceeds €1 billion in revenue and continues its growth trajectory

Press release03/16/2023


In 2022, Apave crossed the symbolic threshold of one billion euros in revenue with an organic growth of over 6%.

Continued external growth momentum in 2022, with three acquisitions in priority geographies and business activities, and several other acquisitions in the process of being finalised in early 2023.

Acceleration of our management of digital risks and the provision of sustainability solutions entitled "Green&Social".



In a challenging global macroeconomic context, Apave delivered a solid performance in 2022 and exceeded the symbolic milestone of one billion euros in revenue. We are moving forward on our roadmap towards our ambition to be recognised as a global industry leader by 2025.

2022 was marked by the acceleration of challenges related to the energy and ecological transition and by growing needs in terms of reassurance and trust, opening up new opportunities for our Group. We have made two important strategic shifts to better support our clients in their own ecological, energy and digital transitions with the launch of dedicated offers.

Philippe Maillard
CEO of the Apave Group

In February 2021, Apave announced its new strategic plan with the ambition of accelerating its development, internationally and with sustained external growth.


At the end of 2022, Apave, the leading international group in the field of technical, human, environmental and digital risk management, completed the second year of its strategic plan in line with its objectives, with revenues exceeding €1 billion, 24% of which was generated internationally, and an organic growth of over 6%.

Apave expands in France and internationally

notably through external growth

With three acquisitions in 2022 and several others expected to be finalised in early 2023, Apave continued its ambitious external growth strategy. With the acquisitions of Numip, a recognised player in the nuclear energy sector in Slovenia; Baltic Control, an inspection and certification specialist based in Scandinavia; CAT, a player in professional training; and the exclusive negotiations with the American group ABS for the acquisition of its "technical inspection" activities present in 14 countries, the Apave Group has strengthened and broadened its offer and its presence in its priority markets.


Apave undertook a strategic shift in 2022 to become a leading player in digital risk management. In September 2022, the Group announced the creation of its branch "Apave Digital" and the launch of a unique range of offers for cyber security and digital trust. This new branch, composed of 100 employees, brings together the teams, offerings, expertise and accreditations of the entities acquired by Apave over the past two years in the field of digital services (OPPIDA, LSTI, SixFoixSept).


Apave has also stepped up its commitment as a sustainable player with the launch of its "Green&Social" range of solutions which are designed to support its customers in their sustainable transitions and help them meet the societal and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.


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A Group that recruits and

puts people at the heart of its business

At the end of 2021, Apave announced the success of its first employee shareholding plan (Fonds Commun de Placement Entreprise - FCPE) with a subscription rate of over 70% of its employees in France. The Group’s FCPE aims to increase employees’ involvement in the Group’s development and performance and was awarded the "Jury's Favourite" prize during the 18th FAS Grand Prix for employee shareholding plans in December 2022.


Apave continued to roll out its ambitious recruitment plan, with the integration of 1,500 new talents in 2022, in line with its objectives, in addition to the 400 employees who joined the Group through acquisitions. Apave now has 13,000 employees and plans to recruit 1,600 more in 2023 to continue to support the Group's development.


All of the Group's managers were also trained in 2022 to help them better perform their role and missions as managers, which are essential to the success of the transformation undertaken throughout the Group.


"Apave is moving forward with its ambitious roadmap, which aims to build a more integrated, innovative and efficient Group, with talented and committed employees who are fully involved in the Group's transformation. Apave is now fully focused on the future, with the ambition of becoming a world leader recognised for its expertise in risk management for the sustainable safety of people, property and the environment," said Rémi Sohier, Chairman of the Apave Group

Continuous improvement in the

Group's engagement and performance

In mid-2022, Apave renewed its Group-wide initiatives to monitor customer satisfaction and employee engagement, the results of which showed:

  • A stable NPS at +36.5
  • A significant increase in the Group’s reputation (+6 points)
  • An increase in employee engagement (+3 points)


In addition, the Apave Group's economic performance, the result of various global and local dynamics, has also improved in line with the defined trajectory, whose ambition is to achieve growth of +50% by 2025.


About Apave


Apave is an international group with over 150 years of experience in risk management. An independent company with a turnover of €1 billion, Apave currently has 13,000 employees, 130 agencies in France, 170 training sites in France and abroad and 18 test centres. Apave has an international presence in over 45 countries. Nearly 500,000 customers in France and abroad already place their trust in Apave. www.apave.com 

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