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Our 5 areas of expertise are complementary and allow you to combine safety with performance at all stages of your projects.


We check the reliability of your facilities, equipment, structures, infrastructure and buildings to keep them compliant on their entry into service and during their operation.

Testing and measurements

We carry out tests of all types using simulators reproducing real stresses. We also measure air, water or soil to monitor its quality so you can better manage your risks.

Certification & labelling

We certify your management systems, skills, products or services. We also define labels that comply with a strict reference framework.


We are the leading company in risk management and safety training. Our unique trainer-inspector model allows for 350,000 people to be trained each year, for which they receive a certificate, a diploma which is a real passport for their career.

Consulting and technical support

We help you improve the health and safety of your teams by reducing industrial accidents and the risk of incidents.

[Observatory] Engineering Structures in France 2022 Edition
Discover, thanks to a synthetic vision, the results of our survey in France, the state of the art of engineering structures in France.
An overview of existing structures and associated management policies in France, inspection and monitoring obligations for engineering structures, efficient risk management solutions, etc.
Booklet National Observatory of engineering structures Apave

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    The industrial revolutions have gradually changed the economic world and consumption patterns. Apave has always accompanied these changes by guaranteeing the safety of goods, people and the environment. More than ever, in a world that is changing and becoming more international, innovative and digital, Apave is pursuing its mission as a trusted third party for its customers, to enable them to carry out their activities and adapt them in complete safety. Every day, Apave's 12,400 employees work with them to help them protect what is most precious to them: their employees, customers and assets. Our mission: to secure your performance so that you can build your future in complete safety.

    Philippe Maillard CEO of Apave Group
    Philippe Maillard
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