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Apave Madagascar started its activities in 2003 with great modesty in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) under the name of Promad, a subsidiary of the AIO Group, itself a subsidiary of the Apave Group created in 1865.
Very quickly, our interlocutors informed us that it was essential that the name Apave appear officially during our interventions.
In response to these requests, the Presidency of the Group reacted very quickly and Promad became "Apave Madagascar", a subsidiary of Apave International ( From the modesty of our first interventions, we have now reached a size that is quite acceptable to meet the needs of the Malagasy market, given the Group's activities.


Apave Madagascar

Address :
Building LA CITY Alarobia Morarano, Bloc N°02, flat N°06

Phone : (+261) 34 22 568 38
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The permanent activities in Madagascar concern :

  • Non Destructive Testing ( RT / MT / PT / UT/ Q.S / QMOS )
  • Technical Control of Construction and Infrastructure (solidity of works, safety of people,...)
  • Gas and steam pressure (autoclaves, boilers, containers)
  • Control of Electrical Installations
  • Control of Mechanical Equipment (lifting, lifts, machines, sports equipment, playgrounds)
  • Ferries (sea and river)

The non-permanent activities in Madagascar are handled with the support of our headquarters, all the know-how of Apave can be developed on simple request of our partners, these interventions concern the various fields relating to :

  • Inspection and Technical Assistance (DCI fire safety, transport of hazardous materials, energy and fluid networks, waves and radiation, X-ray generators, sealed or unsealed sources, radon, etc.)
  • Tests and Measurements (atmospheric discharge measurements, dust, water analysis, electrical tests, vibration tests, mechanical tests, waterproofing tests, metrology, tests and expertise on materials)
  • Organisational and human resources consulting (risk management, safety at work, environmental protection, performance of quality and management organisations)

Apave Madagascar trains its engineers and technicians in the various trades of control and inspection. Training courses have taken place in Bordeaux, Chad, Gabon and Madagascar.

The daily requests of our interlocutors show that the stakes are high, our wish is to see Madagascar continue its race on the globalization thanks to the birth of large-scale projects, we are ready to accompany Madagascar in this race and we will put all our energy into it.



Our 5 areas of business activities are complementary and enable you to combine safety and performance at every stage of your projects.

Picto inspection


We check the reliability of your facilities, equipment, structures, infrastructures and buildings to keep them compliant during commissioning as well as operation.

Test and Measurements Picto

Testing and measurements

We carry out testing of all types using simulators that reproduce actual stresses. We also take air, water and soil samples and measurements to monitor their quality and better manage your risks and impact on the environment.

Certification picto

Certification and Labelling

We certify your systems dedicated to management, skills, products or services.
We also defne labels in line with a strict reference framework.

Training picto


We are the leader in risk management and safety training. Our unique model using trainer-inspectors enables 350,000 people each year to take part in training that culminates in certifcation, a real credential for their professional futures.

Consulting picto

Consulting and technical support

We help you improve the safety and health of your teams by lowering the industrial accident rates and the risk of incidents.

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