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Apave is present in Korea to provide risk assessment and inspection certification services in the fields of oil refining, chemicals, power generation, buildings and infrastructure. Today Apave has acquired the inspection business of the ABS Group, which has been operating in Korea for over 50 years, and continues its role in assessing and supporting international technical standards for quality, safety, health and the environment. Apave Korea provides various services under 3 main categories:

  • Technical inspection and certification
  • Risk assessment and process hazard analysis
  • Asset integrity management

Our activities

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facilities and equipment

In an increasingly complex and demanding market, it is crucial to make use of inspection experts to ensure the success of your project, guaranteeing quality, safety and regulatory compliance. Apave offers a wide range of independent third-party inspection, accreditation inspection and manufacturer certification services, as well as supervision and technical consultancy. Our expertise in regulations and standards ensures that our work is of the highest quality. Trust our expertise to ensure the success of your projects.


Construct and renovate safely

  • Source inspection
  • Expediting Services
  • Project inspection and certification
  • Regulatory technical inspection
  • Technical due diligence
  • ASME inspection services (including nuclear)
  • In-service inspections and Plant Inspections
  • Shut-down Inspection services
  • Integrity assessment of civil and steel building structures (advanced and conventional NDT)
  • Direct assessments (ICDA/ECDA) of pipelines (onshore and offshore)


Checking the quality and design of equipment and materials

  • Certification of pressure equipment (ASME, PED, MOM, MHLW, DOSH, etc.)
  • Welding inspections: EN 10203 Type 3.2 (steel products)
  • Remote inspection
  • Inspections of underwater equipment
  • Inspection of lifting equipment (cranes, forklifts, etc.)
  • Certification and verification of the technical design of structures and buildings
  • Inspection of scaffolding
  • Inspection and certification of earthmoving equipment and other excavating machinery
  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT)


Factory production control certifications

  • BCA BC1 for steel mills (structural steel; steel plates/tubes/forms/piles)


Controlling and supervising facilities

  • Site supervision support
  • Offshore Certification Authority (CA) / Certification Verification Agent (CVA): Fixed platforms and pipelines
  • PED services
  • Inspection / certification of equipment for IECEx / ATEX hazardous areas


your teams

Apave propose une variété de formations pour aider votre entreprise à répondre aux exigences réglementaires et à accroître les compétences de votre personnel.
et d'accroître les compétences de votre personnel. Nous proposons des formations ASME pour l'interprétation des codes de la série RCC, ainsi que des formations sur la sécurité des procédés et les systèmes de gestion.
ainsi que des formations sur la sécurité des procédés et les systèmes de management. Nos équipes spécialisées proposent également des programmes d'amélioration de la culture de la sécurité
programmes d'amélioration de la culture de la sécurité et des formations sur site afin d'évaluer et de former vos opérateurs et votre personnel technique à l'utilisation en toute sécurité de divers outils de construction.
sur l'utilisation en toute sécurité de divers équipements et machines de construction. Enfin, nous proposons des formations pour
échafaudeurs sur différents types de tours. Apave est là pour vous aider à accroître vos compétences et à assurer la sécurité de vos projets et la compétitivité de votre entreprise.
la sécurité de vos projets et la compétitivité de votre entreprise.

  • Formation ASME

  • Formation à l'utilisation d'engins et de matériels de chantier (grue, chariot élévateur, nacelle élévatrice, bras robotisé télécommandé, nacelle à ciseaux, appareil de forage, grue à flèche, plate-forme élévatrice mobile, excavateur, chargeur, niveleuse, bulldozer, rouleau compresseur).

  • Formation d'échafaudeurs pour différents types de tours (permanentes, mobiles, tubes et accessoires, tours prêtes à l'emploi, tours en aluminium)

  • Autres formations à la sécurité (soudeur, maintenance, etc.)

Build, operate and renovate

in complete safety

Apave provides qualified experts to help you optimise your processes and ensure the quality of your projects. Whether through risk analysis and audits, FEED engineering, asset integrity management, or ISO/API certifications, our teams are at your side at all stages of your projects, providing tailor-made technical support to ensure safety, quality and reliability.


Identify, assess and reduce the risks to your business:

  • Asset integrity management
  • HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA, QRA, BRA, CA and F&G mapping expertise
  • Technical design verification
  • Safety assessments and audits
  • Process risk analysis
  • Fatigue analysis and life extension assessments for offshore structures
  • FEED engineering
  • Project quality management
  • Supplier evaluation and audit / Supplier quality assurance
  • Reliability-based maintenance - Reliability engineering - Maintenance programme optimisation assessments - Maintenance strategy development
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)


Tailor-made consulting services:

  • Design assessment
  • Advice and auditing to achieve ISO certification
  • Client representation


Provision of qualified technical personnel:

  • Provision of qualified technical inspectors (welding, coating, QA/QC, API, E&I, civil, material inspectors, etc.)

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