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Established in 2001, AGTS CI (African Geotechnical Technology and Services - Ivory Coast) is a member of the APAVE group governed by the national laws of the Ivory Coast. Based in Abidjan :

- AGTS CI works mainly in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Liberia

- AGTS CI assists companies, communities and individuals in the fields of geotechnics through a complete range of services such as

- Geotechnical engineering

- Drilling studies and in situ tests

- Laboratories (soil, roads, concrete)
- Instrumentation and measurements

For this mission, AGTS CI relies on highly qualified men and women who carry out their work with professionalism in order to provide our clients with quality services while respecting deadlines. This commitment and involvement is expressed through its quality policy, which is the means for AGTS CI to be the first geotechnical laboratory in Côte d'Ivoire to be certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Since the relaunch of the activities in Ivory Coast in 2012 where the subsidiary included only 5 people, we worked to relaunch and develop all the activities known within the APAVE group and count today 70 collaborators, the establishment of an office in SAN PEDRO, to carry out a turnover of 3 Meur with a positive result since 4 consecutive years. Our success is linked to several factors (vision, commitment, tenacity, competence...) and to making APAVE CI and its perimeter the undisputed leader in risk management through all its services. 

Ivory Coast

Apave Ivory Coast


Vridi Cité, Port Bouet
15 BP 684 ABIDJAN 15
Phone: (225) 2721753222
Fax: (225) 2721268604


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AGTS Ivory Coast

Rue L34 Angré 7e tranche
11 BP 1955 ABIDJAN 11
Phone: (225) 22 50 24 63


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Our activities

Our 8 professions are complementary and allow you to combine safety and performance at all stages of your projects.

Picto inspection


We check the reliability of your installations, equipment, structures, infrastructures and buildings to maintain them in compliance when they are commissioned and during operation.

Picto Essais et Mesures

Tests and measurements

We carry out all types of tests using simulators that reproduce real constraints. We also carry out air, water and soil measurements to monitor quality and better manage your risks. 

Picto Certification

Certification and Labels

We certify your management systems, skills, products or services. We also define labels that comply with a strict reference system.

Picto Formation


We are a leader in risk management and safety training. Our unique model of trainer-inspectors enables us to train 350,000 people each year, with a certificate, a diploma and a passport for their professional career. 

Picto consulting

Advice and technical support

We help you to improve the health and safety of your teams by reducing industrial accidents and the risk of incidents

Geotechnical Services

  • Geotechnical studiesNFP-Eurocode7-ASTM-BS
  • Foundations
  • Pressuremeter tests
  • Penetrometer
  • Stability
  • Roads
  • CPT
  • SPT
  • EXE check
  • Lugeon test
  • Core drilling
  • Installation of piezometers
  • Scissometer
  • Phicometer|Pumping
  • Soil treatment 

Laboratory services

  • Earthworks monitoring (Troxler, Plate tests, Proctor)
  • Full range of identification (GTR, ES, permeability)
  • Full range of soil mechanics (Odometry, Shear)
  • Follow-up of road tests (Troxler, Deflection, Pavement coring)
  • Complete range of characterisation (Formulation, Extraction of binders)
  • Follow-up of EXE OA or Building (Rc, Slumpt test)

Structures and Infrastructures Testing Service

  • Non-destructive testing of concrete, steel and masonry of existing structures: Impedance measurements on piles
  • Sonic auscultations on piles
  • Sclerometry
  • Ultrasound
  • Pachometer
  • Core drilling of walls, slabs and floors

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