un uomo che fa un controllo delle emissioni dell'aria

Our recognitions

Multiple recognitions,

evidence of Apave's technical know-how


Apave has many examples of external recognition** (approvals, accreditations, certifications and qualifications), which are guarantees of our quality and technical system and prove our competence, know-how and independence. 

  • CE Notifications
  • Certifications
  • CEFRI: French radiation protection certification committee
  • MASE: Corporate Safety, Health and Environmental Improvement Manual
  • COFRAC* accreditations (French Accreditation Committee)
  • Ministerial approvals**

*List and scope available at www.cofrac.fr

** For the international market, please consult directly the websites of our countries and subsidiaries 


Access to Apave recognitions

Download the complete list of Apave recognitions