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Sylvamo: a three-week factory shutdown under strict surveillance to ensure the maintenance of its production apparatus

Top News04/19/2022
Every 18 months, Sylvamo (formerly International Paper Group) checks the good condition of its production facilities. For three weeks, almost 1,900 employees from outside companies work on the maintenance of all the installations with the site's employees. Pulp and paper production has been halted, but the working atmosphere is still melting inside this huge industrial site. Apave is participating in this non-destructive testing maintenance operation.

Why a plant shutdown?

This stop is at the heart of the paper industry's processes. Why is it necessary? In order to carry out maintenance and inspection work and to consider future investments/replacements of the site's equipment and materials, in a preventive and curative manner.


The challenge for the client, during this period, is to ensure the organisation of the various work sites, but also to guarantee a high level of safety for all employees present on the site.


The Sylvamo factory is therefore shutting down for three weeks to allow the various parties involved, including Apave, to carry out the investigations and checks necessary to guarantee the safety of the production equipment.

A large-scale project

"This was a really intense assignment, working three shifts for three weeks! The work never stopped during this period, so the teams of consultants were always present to ensure HSE monitoring. Our presence during the day was compulsory 7 days a week to guarantee a quality service, consistency between the participants, to ensure good relations with the plant management, and to be reactive to requests related to hazards", says Florent Lamarque, project manager and consultant for Major Safety & Industry Projects.


Several missions were entrusted to our teams:

More than fifty pressure and non-destructive testing (NDT) inspectors from all over France were mobilised for the equipment testing missions.
In addition, a team of 24 consultants was set up to supervise the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) monitoring of the site, and to support the companies and SYLVAMO in the preparation and execution of their work.

Apave's skills in this area range from checking pressure equipment, pipes and tanks to ensuring the safety of people on the site. Contact us!



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